Can Your Eyes Replace Touch on Mobile?


*+-Capacitive touch was a disruptive technology on smartphones when the iPhone debuted in 2007 as it didn’t require a stylus and offered a fluid experience without requiring users to apply pressure into the display with their fingernails. Now, companies are looking ahead to not only applying touch to new forms, but also to the eyes […]

As Voice Becomes the New Touch, Google Prepares for a Display-Less Phone


*+-While hardware manufacturers are looking to the future of flexible displays to offer consumers larger screens that fold or roll up to become more compact for travel, Google is saying that we don’t even need the display anymore. The search giant, which has invested a lot of resources into the Google Search and Google Now […]

Google May Add Touch Gestures to Rear of Phones


*+-Google had filed for a patent that could potentially bring a touch-sensitive controller to the rear side of the phone so users can interact with the back, rather than the primary touchscreen, for simple touch commands. The backside touch controller would be used for basic tasks, like scrolling, turning the page of an e-book, or […]

Applications for Capri Kinect Tech Could Extend Beyond Smartphones

Video thumbnail for youtube video PrimeSense Looks to Bring 3D Kinect Motion Tracking Tech to Phones

*+-We had reported that Capri would bring Kinect’s motion tracking technology to smartphones and mobile devices thanks to the shrunken chipset that would be 1/10th the size of the motion tracking chip inside Microsoft‘s home gaming console accessory. On the surface, Capri would open the doors to natural user interfaces and new ways that a […]

Siri Will Help iPhone Owners Buy Movie Tickets When iOS 6.1 Gets Released


*+-Though iOS 6.1 isn’t yet available for consumers to download, Apple has already seeded the forthcoming version of its mobile operating system to developers. And as such, developers have discovered there is a feature inside iOS 6 that allows consumers to tap Siri‘s voice assistant feature to purchase movie tickets, thus expanding the capabilities of […]

Nuance to Brings Voice to All Apps, Uses Voice for Biometric Security


*+-Nuance made an announcement that would allow developers to embed the same level of voice recognition found on Android and iOS to their individual apps through a phone-wide voice engine. The same company that’s powering Apple’s Siri for voice recognition is creating a development kit so that developers can now embed Nuance’s voice recognition engine […]

Developer Uses Microsoft Kinect to Create Giant Touchscreen Android Smartphone


*+-Developer DDRBoxMan has used Microsoft’s Kinect camera to power a television or projected screen that mirrors an Android smartphone’s content. The development work is still currently in the early stages, but it looks like a promising start to not only mirror a smartphone’s content to a larger display via video out or HDMI, but also […]

Meet Ziggy, Siri’s Cousin for Windows Phone


*+-Those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a car and want to multitask away on their phone while driving may look on to Siri with envy if they don’t already own an iPhone 4S. Thankfully, third-party developers for Windows Phone 7 have come up with a solution for Microsoft’s mobile platform […]

Spire Ports Siri to Older Jailbroken iPhones


*+-Developers are now making it easy for users of previous-generation jailbroken iPhones to join in on the popular voice personal assistant Siri, a feature that has so far only been available to iPhone 4S owners. Jailbroken devices can now head on to the Cydia app store (jailbreak required) to download the Spire app developed by […]

Nuance Acquires Vlingo to Bring Natural Voice UI to Market


*+-Nuance, which powers Apple’s voice personal assistant feature known as Siri on the iPhone 4S, has announced that it is acquiring rival Vlingo to help it bring its natural user interface powered by voice to the market. Vlingo offers a competitive voice app and competing product to Siri on competing phones right now, including BlackBerry […]

Google Already Working on Siri Competitor for Android


*+-Apple’s personal voice assistant on iOS, Siri, has garnered a lot of buzz, for better or worse, since the release of the iPhone 4S, which is the device that the voice command software is available on. Since then, various developers have tried to replicate Siri’s success on Google’s open mobile OS Android with titles such […]

Android’s Siri Clone Fails to Impress


*+-The Internet has been abuzz with news that Siri may have been cloned and magically transported to Android, giving iOS’s more open rival the chance to perform conversational voice commands and recognition. However, hope for a voice assistant feel flat when the clone, called Cluzee, was put to the test and failed to impress the […]

Apple Hints at New Apple TV Model with iOS 5.1 Beta


*+-Code found within the iOS 5.1 beta seeded to developers reveal that Apple is prepping a successor to the compact Apple TV box. The new Apple TV referenced, which is still believed to be a companion set-top box accessory rather than a full-fledged Apple-branded HDTV, is given the code name of J33. Little is known […]

Apple: Siri Not Coming to Older iPhone Models


*+-Apple has gone on record to say that Siri is a function only reserved for the current-generation flagship iPhone 4S and the personal voice assistant feature, deemed as innovative by many, will not be appearing on iPhone 4 or older models. The strategy is actually in line with what the software-maker has been doing for […]

eyeSight Brings Gestures to Pantech Vega Android Phones

LTE (IM-A800S)

*+-Ever wanted to control your phone with a gesture or motion of your hands? Thanks to eySight’s gesture control technology, which works in the same way that gamers control the interface of the Xbox thanks to Kinect, users can begin to start gesturing to their phones later this month when Pantech launches its new Vega […]

Ice Cream Sandwich’s Face Unlock Can’t Be Fooled By a Photo

face unlock

*+-One of the new, cool features that’s debuting with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the face unlock feature, allowing your smartphone to capture an image of your face and using facial recognition to unlock the smartphone only to its rightful owner rather than using complex alphanumeric, PIN, or pattern codes to unlock the device. […]

Nuance Buying Swype


*+-After a huge public announcement alongside Apple for the launch of the iPhone 4S as the voice engine to power the Siri virtual assistant software, Nuance is looking to grow its natural UI portfolio with an acquisition of Swype. Swype is a software keyboard that’s pre-loaded on a number of Android smartphones as an alternative […]