CloudOn for Android Delivers Full Office Experience on Android Tablets (Video)

CloudOn Excel for Android

There are a number of Office apps for Android, but when it comes to a full featured Office experience fitting the collaboration needs of corporate employees most of the apps out there don’t bring everything to the table. CloudOn impressed me with the iPad app that delivers a very full-featured Office for iPad experience, even […]

Office for iPad: CloudOn Attempts Full Featured Office on iPad

Office for iPAD track changes

The official Microsoft Office for iPad app remains missing in action, but that doesn’t mean that corporate users are without options. CloudOn is the latest Office for iPad service to emerge, competing with Onlive Desktop for a place on corporate users’ iPads. (Read: 5 Office for iPad Alternatives) Unlike many of the Office iPad alternatives, […]

Top 10 Writing Apps For the iPad (Video)

iPad Writing Apps

The iPad is a great tool for writing, blogging and note-taking with the right tools. I use my iPad to write on a regular basis, and these apps make it possible to get work done on the iPad, even replacing a laptop on short trips. The key to content creation, note taking and writing on the iPad […]

Office for iPad: 5 Alternatives for the iPad

pages for ipad

Apple’s new iPad, either iPad 3, iPad 2S or iPad HD, will be out this month and many new users will hope to create documents on their shiny new tablet. We’ve heard pretty compelling rumors that Microsoft will release an iPad version of their industry standard Microsoft Office suite for the iPad. They already have OneNote […]

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7 to Android Tablets

OnLive Desktop

After having been available for Apple’s iOS-enabled iPad, OnLive is bringing its OnLive Desktop app to Android tablet users. The software is essentially a client to access a hosted remote desktop on OnLive’s server, where users would get their own partition with Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS and access to Microsoft’s Office suite–including Word, Excel, and […]

Windows on ARM Leaves Businesses Behind


Though Microsoft is trying to create similar experiences for its Windows 8 releases for ARM and x86 processors, the software giant has admitted that Windows on ARM may not be suitable for business environments. According to Microsoft, Windows on ARM won’t offer businesses and IT managers manageability features that help corporations deploy vast numbers of […]

Microsoft Office for iPad Gets Pictured, Should Be Coming Soon

Microsoft Office for iPad

We’ve heard that Microsoft is working on Office for the iPad for months now. Today there’s proof that such an app actually exists. It’s not in the App Store just yet, but it should arrive soon. The Daily has a photo of Microsoft Office running on an iPad. Well, at least the splash screen for Office is running on […]

Office 15 for Windows 8 Rumored to Lack Metro Design UI

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.16.20 PM

With Microsoft’s camp relatively silent regarding the next version of the Office suite for Windows, there is now some speculation that Office 15 will not be fully touch-optimized as intended. The reasoning behind that, according to sources to The Verge, is that Microsoft is battling time and resources constraint. Instead of a full UI lift […]

Windows 8 Now Said to be Stable on ARM CPU


According to multiple sources to CNET, Windows 8 is now said to be running stable on ARM processors, and the new ARM-compatible build will be distributed to developers in February. News of the developer released was not delivered directly from sources from within Microsoft, the online publication says, but through hardware-makers who are expected to […]

Rumors Circulate that Microsoft is Looking at Office for iOS


Slashgear is pointing to an article in The Daily that have sources saying Microsoft is thinking about porting parts of its Office Suite for the iPad. We’ve heard this before certainly, and if you get past the emotions of rivalry and into the land of dollars and cents it only makes sense. While the focus […]

Quickoffice Updated to Version 5.0, Brings Increased Cloud Support


Quickoffice for Android has now been updated to version 5.0. The new update could be found on Android Market, though curiously Amazon’s Appstore for Android still lists the older 4.x version number. With version 5.0, which we previewed on tablets about a month ago at CTIA Fall 2011 in San Diego, California, there’s an improved […]

QuickOffice for Tablets to Be Updated with Better Cloud Integration (Video)


At CTIA a few weeks ago in San Diego, California, I caught up with the QuickOffice people to see what they’re working on. The latest update, version 5.0, is forthcoming and the developers of the office productivity suite, now available for both Android and iPad tablets, will come with better cloud integration, a more tablet-optimized […]

Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work (TED Talk Video)

Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 11.20.48 AM

On a recent trip to the east coast to visit the in-laws I got into a long discussion with one of my wife’s cousins about working from home. He works for one of the world’s biggest banks as a database engineer and absolutely loves it. Why? It’s not because he got a big pay raise, […]

Microsoft “May” Bring Office to iPad


Take this with a grain of salt (preferably the kind that melts snow), but T3 is reporting some loose conversation with a Microsof’s Mike Tedesco, the Senior Product Manager for the Windows Business Unit that says Microsoft may be looking at a version of Office for the iPad. The exact quote is “Yeah, it’s something […]

OffiSync Combines Google Docs and MS Office Apps

OffiSync is a new tool that allows users to work with Google Docs from within Microsoft Office applications rather than a web browser. When you install OffiSync, a new tab will appear in your Office apps that allows you to save and share your documents to Google Docs. You can invite collaborators to view and […]

Microsoft Drops Office Ultimate Prices For Students

Microsoft is offering Office Ultimate to students for the unreal price of $59.95. All you need is to have a .edu email address and be registered for at least 0.5 credit hours in case MS decides to come asking for proof of your enrollment for whatever reason. Office Ultimate retails for $679, so this is […]

Use ScanPST To Fix Corrupt Outlook Data Files

If you’ve seen that pesky balloon pop up that tells you that an Outlook 2007 data file did not close properly and it needs to be scanned for errors, you know how initially terrifying that little message an be. Sometimes the automatic scan fixes the issue and life moves on. You can even continue to […]

Search Commands for Speech

Microsoft’s Rob Chamberlin points to a great new tool from the Office Labs team called Search Commands, which helps you find commands, options, and wizards in Office apps. Rob takes the Search Commands a bit further by developing a speech macro for it. Check it out!