LG Jil Sander Designer Windows Phone 7 Now Available


The LG Jil Sander designer Windows Phone smartphone is now available as an Expansys exclusive in the UK for £299.99. For fashionistas looking for an understated designer handset, the LG Jil Sander smartphone provides that with a Jil Sander hub and electric blue color. The handset is considered a modest refresh from LG’s Optimus 7 handset […]

Bell Canada Launching LG Optimus LTE November 22


Come this November 22nd, Canadian carrier Bell will be launching the Optimus LTE, the most full-featured and powerful smartphone from LG to launch according to a leaked advertisement. The Android smartphone will support 4G LTE speeds alongside a high resolution 720p HD display that measures 4.5 inches diagonally. As the Optimus LTE will not be utilizing […]

CTIA Fall 2011: Hands-On with Sprint LG Marquee (Video)


Sprint was showing off the LG Marquee, the carrier’s variant of the LG Optimus Black, at the Sprint Lounge located at CTIA in San Diego last week. The LG Marquee, unlike many high profile releases on Sprint, is a slim smartphone that operates on the carrier’s 3G CDMA/EVDO network rather than the faster 4G WiMax […]

LG Debuts Optimus LTE HD in South Korea


U.S. readers should look away now as LG has announced an Android smartphone with 4G LTE capabilities as well as dual-core processing and a high resolution 720p HD display for its home market in South Korea. It’s unclear if LG’s second LTE handset–following the LG Revolution’s debut on Verizon Wireless in the U.S.–will hit U.S. […]

Virgin Mobile Announces LG Optimus Slider, HTC Wildfire S Android Smartphones

It looks like the pre-paid smartphone market is heating up with attractive options for those looking for smartphone power without the price and commitment of a regular post-paid account. Virgin Mobile USA, a subsidiary of Sprint and operates on Sprint’s 3G Now network, has just recently announced the LG Optimus Slider and the HTC Wildfire S, both Android […]

Optimus Slider Coming Soon to Virgin Mobile Via Best Buy


Earlier in the year, there was a leaked LG Android budget smartphone known as the Gelato, and now it appears that the LG Gelato Q may be coming to Sprint‘s prepaid Virgin Mobile brand as the LG Optimus Slider. The device was previously rumored to be launched on September 11, but that date came and […]

LG Announces Optimus Sol Android Phone with Ultra AMOLED Display


LG has just announced the Optimus Sol, which is a mid-range Android handset, for Europe, Central America, and South America. The device will ship with a 3.8-inch WVGA display with Ultra AMOLED technology, which is said to help improve outdoors readability of the screen and eliminate glare. The single-core Snapdragon phone has a 1 GHz […]

LG Victor Android Smartphone Leak Reveals Optimus Sol Branding


It looks like the rumored LG Victor Android smartphone may soon be released under the Optimus branding as the Optimus Sol smartphone. A new video has emerged that shows the device and some of the features and specs of the smartpohone, including Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a single-core 1 GHz processor, 5-megapixel camera on the rear, […]

LG Thrill 4G Appearing in Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide


The glasses-free 3D LG Thrill 4G for AT&T is now showing up inside retailer Best Buy’s Buyer’s Guide publishing, suggesting that the handset is close to launch. When it launches, the glasses-free 3D capabilities of the phone will pit the AT&T variant against Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D with both devices sporting a glasses-free 3D display, […]

Sprint to Offer Optimus Black Smartphone


A new leak shows that Sprint may be bringing the LG Optimus Black smartphone to the U.S. market. It’s unclear right now if the 2D smartphone will be offered on Sprint’s 3G or 4G network at this time, but the handset will make a great addition to Sprint’s growing high-end Android smartphone lineup, which consists […]

LG Optimus Net to Compete in Price Category


Following the launch of its highly successful Optimus One–which is available as various varients on all four major U.S. carriers as a very capable and affordable Android smartphone–LG is now launching the Optimus Net, which is seen as the successor to the One. The device will most likely be targeted at the mid-range to entry […]

LG Optimus Pro the Latest Android Handset to Take on BlackBerry Form Factor


For those who love front-facing QWERTY keyboards–like those found on Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones–the latest Android handset to take on such form factor and appeal to frequent users of emails, texts, and messaging is the LG Optimus Pro. So far, Android handsets that utilize the front-facing QWERTY keyboard design have been few. There have […]

Gameloft Announces Glasses-Free 3D Games for LG Optimus 3D


Gameloft now provides a catalog of 17 game titles for the LG Optimus 3D, which will launch in the U.S. under wireless carrier AT&T as the Thrill 4G. The glasses-free 3D smartphone, at least the international version under the Optimus 3D moniker, will come pre-loaded with 3 games and Gameloft will be providing a number […]

LG Preps Revised Optimus Windows Phone 7 Device with Pre-Loaded Mango


LG is preparing a revised version of the company’s Optimus 7 handset. According to the WiFi Certification Forum, the new LG E906 may be a revised version of the company’s current Windows Phone 7, but the new handset would come pre-loaded with the new Mango software update. The LG E906 was previously spotted in May […]

LG Officially Launches Optimus 3D Smartphone in Europe with Triple-Duals


The LG Optimus 3D has not officially launched in Europe, and LG is promoting its glasses-free 3D device with the ability to capture 3D images and record 3D video on its rear dual-lens camera with ‘tri-dual technology,’ which is a dual-core, dual-channel, and dual-memory configuration. The Optimus 3D will also be launched as the LG […]