Tag Heuer’s $3,700 Smartphone And 6 Other Ridiculously Expensive Gadgets


Fancy watchmaker Tag Heuer has everyone excited for their new Android smartphone, the Racer. It’s a very, um, special phone made from titanium, carbon fiber, and shockproof rubber. The Racer will run “the latest” Android OS (4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich, everyone assumes) and… well, the company isn’t saying much about specs. Though for the asking price […]

Majority of Americans Now Own Smartphones


U.S. smartphone adoption has grown significantly with the majority of Americans now owning a smartphone compared to a basic feature phone. Pew Internet shows that 53% of American cell phone owners now have a smartphone as of February 2012. The survey finds that 88 percent of Americans own a cell phone, so that figure places […]

Best Accessories of February 2012


We all love our gadgets here at GottaBeMobile, and we all know that they wouldn’t be nearly as awesome without great accessories to enhance them, add needed functionality, or just make our devices look better. February’s favorites include a case for iPhoneographers, jammin’ speakers and headphones, beautiful covers, and more for the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy […]

Best of Mobile World Congress 2012


Mobile World Congress 2012 was host to a number of smartphone, tablet and gadget announcements, but just a few devices were good enough to make it onto this list These are the gadgets that got our hearts racing and our hands reaching for our wallets. Mobile World Congress 2012 is where manufacturers announced the next generation of […]

In-Depth Hands-On: HTC One X and Sense 4.0 (Video)

HTC One X Main

HTC grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday with the announcement of their new HTC One line of smartphones at Mobile World Congress. The HTC One X, One S and One V share many features and specs with slight differences in design and elements, such as the camera. If this sounds familiar, it’s what Samsung has done with […]

Samsung Announces Galaxy Beam Smartphone + Pico Projector

Samsung Galaxy Beam

We’ve seen the convergence of projectors and mobile tech before, usually in the form of a camera or camcorder with a built-in beam, but the camera people are more likely to carry with them these days is the one in their smartphone. Wouldn’t be nice to project photo slideshows, YouTube, PowerPoint presentations and apps on […]

Best Samsung Galaxy Note Cases and Covers


GNote owners have a wide range to choose from, including a cover from Samsung that adds minimal extra thickness and weight to the already large phone. Plus, the best cases take a cue from the Note’s versatility and do more than just protect.

Power Felt Makes It Possible For Your Coat To Charge Your Smartphone

Power Felt

Long battery life is one of the hottest topics in mobile technology — which devices have it, how users can achieve it, who can deliver it best without adding bulk and weight. Battery technology and innovation hasn’t kept pace with our increasingly mobile world. And that isn’t even taking into account the special needs of […]

Ubuntu For Android Turns Your Smartphone Into A Real Computer

Ubuntu for Android

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution, announced a project that will change Android phones forever (in a good way) in the very near future. Ubuntu for Android is a full-fledged version of the desktop operating system that can run on Android phones. Not as a hack or a fun project for the folks […]

Poll: What Would You Cut From Your Budget To Afford A Smartphone?

Smartphone Penetration by Age and Income - Source: Nielsen

Nielsen recently released some details of a survey they did of smartphone penetration by age and income bracket. Mashable took note of that fact that young people with lower incomes were more likely to own a smartphone than older, wealthier people. We’re talking people who make less than $15,000 a year. People in the 18 […]

Galaxy Note Too Big For You? Tiny Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Boasts NFC


Samsung announced that updates to the company’s Galaxy Mini 2 and Ace 2 handsets will arrive this spring. France and the UK will get them first, but a global launch will follow. The Galaxy Mini 2 will appeal to users who are tired of the upward trend in display sizes that make phones heavier and […]

Samsung Galaxy Note In Stores Today (And Already Rooted!)

If you didn’t pre-order the Galaxy Note for AT&T to wait until you could actually touch the phone in a store, today is the day. It’s available for sale at AT&T locations nationwide. You probably won’t encounter a crazy long line of people camping out overnight, but if you’re lucky you might find a line […]

Is the Galaxy Note Good For Business?

Now that BlackBerry is no longer the default choice for enterprise, business users are looking to Android and iOS for their work handsets. There are already a few Android phones for this demographic like the Motorola XPRT/Droid Pro. However, since at least last year Samsung has started courting the boardroom set with their smartphones and […]

Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit Mini-Review

Samsung Galaxy Note and S Pen

If you’re more comfortable using a regular-sized pen, Samsung has an accessory that should please you. The $59.99 Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit has both an extra S Pen and a Holder that makes it the size of a normal pen. You get the side-button functionality and everything, just in a larger form factor.

Samsung Galaxy Note Review: Editors’ Choice Award

Galaxy Note with S Pen

We awarded the $299 Samsung Galaxy Note a Most Versatile Device award in large part due to this phone’s two most prominent differentiators: the large 5.3-inch screen and the S Pen. However, just being big and new and pen-enabled isn’t enough to capture the hearts of the Android-loving populace. You need the newest OS, a powerful processor, LTE speeds, and a high resolution display. Oh, and it should make phone calls.

Samsung Galaxy Note AT&T 4G LTE Speed Test

Galaxy Note LTE Speedtest

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a speedy superphone thanks to the dual-core processor and AT&T’s 4G LTE network. While speeds weren’t so impressive on HSPA, now that I have my review unit working on LTE downloads are much faster. I used the SpeedTest.net app in three different locations in Manhattan (NYC). The speeds weren’t consistent […]