QuickOffice for Tablets to Be Updated with Better Cloud Integration (Video)


At CTIA a few weeks ago in San Diego, California, I caught up with the QuickOffice people to see what they’re working on. The latest update, version 5.0, is forthcoming and the developers of the office productivity suite, now available for both Android and iPad tablets, will come with better cloud integration, a more tablet-optimized […]

Android Market Now Featuring Google TV Apps?


It looks like Android app developers are now submitting and getting their Google TV-compatible apps onto Google’s own Android Market app store. Back at Google I/O this year, the Android OS-maker had promised to migrate Google TV to the Honeycomb platform, it looks like cross-platform compatible apps may be hitting tablets, phones, and TVs in […]

Microsoft to Begin Taking Windows Phone Mango App Submissions Next Month


It’s still unclear when the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 will officially hit for various first-generation Windows Phone hardware, but Microsoft is at least telling developers that they will begin taking app submissions for Windows Marketplace approval beginning August, suggesting that the software update for the platform is coming soon. With Windows Phone Mango, […]

GameTanium Brings Subscription Gaming to Android Phones, Tablets


Similar to what Netflix did for movies, GameTamium is hoping to do the same with mobile gaming. The subscription-based mobile gaming service costs $5 per month and is compatible on Android smartphones and tablets. Rather than have gamers pay a la carte per game title, players will now have unlimited access to GameTamium’s catalog of […]

Why You Should Never Buy an iPad from Sears

iPad 2 Sears Not Such a Deal

This weekend Sears.com was selling an iPad 2 16GB WiFi model for $69, discounted from $744.99. If something doesn’t sound right about any of those prices it’s because the $69 price is a mistake and the $744.99 “standard price” is ridiculously high. Both prices are the reason you should never buy an iPad from Sears. […]

Official Scrabble Makes it Over to Android Market at Long Last


Android users have had to make due with non-official solutions like Words with Friends in the past while iOS users have long enjoyed the official Scrabble for some time now, but now Electronic Arts is releasing Scrabble as a free download on Android Market. As Scrabble is a free title, you’ll have to face ads. […]

Windows Phone 7 Mango Restores State, Offers Instant Resume in Multitasking


Developers who have access to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Mango software update are noticing some new multitasking features. Now, Windows Phone 7, which was criticized at the time of release for not coming with robust multitasking, can resume apps after you close them instantly. The OS, which was shown in a video by WMPU, highlights […]

Facebook’s ‘Project Spartan’ to be HTML5 App Store for iOS


Facebook has its eyes set on Apple’s iOS platform and the company may launch a rival app store that will be HTML5-based, rather than supporting native apps, that will allow it to compete with native apps available through Apple’s App Store. Apps for Project Spartan would be tied to Facebook’s social ecosystem and would work […]

Jailbreakers Hack iOS 5 Notification Center, Adds Working Custom Widgets


Just shortly after developers have tackled Apple’s new Android-styled Notification Center to create a proof-of-concept widget that merely displays ‘Hello World,’ hackers now have attacked Notification Center to bring fully-functional widgets to iOS 5 via jailbreaking. In addition to the standard Apple pre-loaded weather and stock ticker widgets, developers have now added a third row […]

Rewind Makes Capturing the Best Group Photos Easier

Rewind the perfect group shot; or, How your camera phone is about to get way more awesome

With smartphones possessing more capable and powerful cameras today, users are often using their phones to take pictures in lieu of a stand-alone digital camera. A new camera app developed by Scalado called Rewind aims to help smartphone users make the best use of their phones for group shots. The way Rewind works is that […]

Apple Defends App Developers in Patent Fight Against Lodys


We had previously reported that a patent company called Lodys has been targeting small third-party iOS app developers who use Apple’s in-app purchase APIs with a patent infringement lawsuit, and now Apple is speaking out on behalf of its developers and is defending its third-party developers. The Cupertino, California maker of the iPhone and iPad […]

Will Apple Protect Its Developers From Legal Problems?


Small developers who are using Apple’s own in-app purchase APIs in their iOS apps are now being faced with a lawsuit delivered by FedEx from a patent troll. The developers themselves are being sued for patent infringement over in-app purchases for using an API that was made available to them by Apple. While the lawsuit […]

HTC S3D SDK Allows for 3D Apps, Game Development for HTC EVO 3D


In order to kick-start development for the HTC EVO 3D, a smartphone with a glasses-free 3D qHD display as well as dual rear cameras to capture photos and videos in 3D, HTC and Sprint are now releasing the S3D SDK so that developers can now create and release apps and content for the smartphone. Results […]

Samsung Infuse 4G First Android Phone for AT&T to Support App Sideloading

samsung infuse 4g mobile

The recently announced Samsung Infuse 4G may be the first Android smartphone for AT&T to support the sideloading of apps. According to IntoMobile, the Android-based smartphone with its massive 4.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display will allow apps not purchased or downloaded through Android Market, the official Google app store for Android, to load on the device, […]

How You Can Keep Up with News Using Mobile Technology


I have to be honest, despite a background in political science–which was the basis of my undergraduate studies–I am horrible at keeping up to date with breaking non-tech news; as a technology blogger, I already have a hard enough time as it is writing about and staying in the loop with gadget releases so even […]

Amazon MP3 Updated for Lock Screen Music Control on Android


Amazon has rolled out an update to its Amazon MP3 app for Android devices, which fixes a few bugs and adds some new features to the app. The app is one way for Android users to get music content on their devices, via a la carte purchases, since Google has yet to launch an iTunes […]

Skype Awaiting for Verizon to Release Official Skype with Video Android App


In an email to a Skype customer inquiry, video chat service Skype hinted that the company’s video chat app for Verizon Wireless is completed or near completion and that the app would be delivered directly from Verizon Wireless. The two companies had announced a close partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year where […]