LG G3 Clears Another Hurdle to Take on Galaxy S5


Lately all the rumors and reports surrounding Android smartphones for 2014 have been about the Galaxy S5 and HTC M8, but Samsung’s rivals in Korea have an impressive LG G3 in the works. LG will reportedly be aiming directly at Samsung’s Galaxy S5 with the new LG G3, which we’re hearing could arrive in the […]

Samsung Latest to File for Trademark for GEAR Smartwatch

Image via 123rf.com

This week, we’ve seen patent applications being filed for various smartwatch accessories–Apple had filed for the iWatch brand in a number of countries and Qualcomm was revealed to apply for the TOQ trademark–and the latest to join the wearable computing market is Samsung with its application to trademark for the GEAR brand. At a cursory […]

Qualcomm Latest to Enter Smartwatch Category

As pictured, Sony's SmartWatch 2

With Apple, Google, LG, Microsoft, and Samsung already rumored to be working on a smartwatch of their own, Qualcomm becomes the latest tech giant to make a foray into the wearable computing market. The company has filed for the “TOQ” trademark, suggesting it is working on a smartwatch. In its trademark filing, Qualcomm describes TOQ […]

Apple Files for iWatch Trademark in Japan


Apple has officially filed for a trademark to the iWatch brand in Japan. The company has long been rumored to be developing a wearable wristwatch computer with the same name, though it has kept quiet about its plans for the wearable computing market except for Tim Cook‘s recent comments at the All Things D conference where […]

Nokia Trademarks Zoom Brand Ahead of EOS Launch


Ahead of the highly anticipated and rumored Nokia EOS launch on July 11th at a New York City event, smartphone-maker Nokia has filed for a trademark for the Nokia Zoom branding. The invitation to the event had teased about the ‘zoom‘ capabilities to expand Nokia’s expertise in the camera phone segment with its PureView venture, […]

USPTO May Have Paved the Way for Galaxy Note, Tab Mini Branding


In its decision to refuse Apple’s application for a trademark on the ‘iPad mini’ moniker, the United States Patent and Trademark Office may have essentially opened the doors for other companies to use the term ‘mini’ as a size descriptor for their products. The USPTO says that the iPad mini name merely ‘merely describes a […]

Apple Patents Hidden Fingerprint Reader Ahead of iPhone 5S


We had previously reported that the ‘S’ in the name of the Apple iPhone 5S could stand for security as it had been used to represent ‘S’peed in the 3GS and ‘S’iri in the iPhone 4S. Now, a recently filed patent shows that Apple is working on integrating more biometrics security components into mobile devices–including […]

Samsung Trademarks Suggest More Eye Tracking Technologies


Samsung had filed for trademarks for ‘Eye Scroll’ and ‘Eye Pause,’ suggesting that the Android smartphone-maker is exploring new eye tracking technologies for its mobile devices as part of a plan to refresh the Nature UI overlay on top of Android. Nature UI is a refresh of the Samsung TouchWiz user interface that debuted on […]

Samsung to Call Windows 8 Tablets ATIV Tab, Windows Phone 8 ATIV S?


Samsung has been using its Galaxy brand for its Android smartphones, which seems to be a successful strategy for the South Korean electronics-maker. However, Samsung also makes a line of Windows Phone 8 products and the company has committed to manufacturing tablet hardware that runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system when that OS debuts […]

Samsung Registers 3 New Galaxy Trademarks


A recent filing with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) reveals that Samsung has registered three new marks associated with its Galaxy smartphone branding. It’s unclear if any–or all–of these new trademarks registered will be used to launch the flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, which is promised by Samsung to be unveiled in […]

Samsung’s New Trademarks Could Reveal U.S. Galaxy S III Branding


Samsung has filed for trademarks for a series of names in the U.S., and some of those names could arrive as branded devices for the company’s highly anticipated Galaxy S III flagship smartphone. Samsung had filed trademarks for Thunder, Express, and Accelerate in addition to the Emerge, Stellar, and Halo marks that the company had […]

ZTE Optimus Barcelona Phone Ironically Not Announced at MWC and Infringes on LG


A new smartphone from Chinese phone-maker ZTE was discovered as it had gotten Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance approval called the ZTE Optimus Barcelona. Ironically, though, the Optimus Barcelona is named after Barcelona, the city that Mobile World Congress took place last week, though ZTE did not debut the device there. Additionally, with Optimus in […]

Sony Files for XPERIA Sola Trademark in U.S.


A recent filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reveals that Sony is applying for a trademark on the XPERIA Sola name. Sola, which means solo or alone, could indicate an entirely new smartphone for the Japanese electronics giant, which had gained custody of the XPERIA phone line after a divorce with Ericsson, or […]

Apple Could Net $10 for Every Android Sold In Lieu of Legal War

Apple iPhone Cool

One expert believes that Apple could stand to profit $10 for every Android device sold if the company ended its legal war over Google and the Android franchise and started to work on licensing agreements like what competitor Microsoft had done. 3LP Advisors LLC manager partner Kevin Rivette revealed the figure to Bloomberg. Rivette pegs […]

Sony Ericsson Reserves Ion Trademark for Nozomi Phone?


Android-maker Sony Ericsson has filed for the XPERIA Ion trademark for what is speculated to be a variant of the company’s codenamed Nozomi smartphone, which boasts high-end specs. The LT28at model is believed to be a variant of the rumored Nozomi phone with a 4.55-inch display with a 1280 X 720-pixel 720p HD resolution screen. The […]

Transformer Prime Trademark the Subject of Legal Battle Between Asus, Hasbro


Toy-maker Hasbro is initiating a lawsuit against electronics-maker Asus for the Transformer and Transformer Prime trademarks. The former is alleging that the latter’s use of the marks for its Tegra 3-powered Android tablet may cause confusion with its toys and film franchise. In a lawsuit filed late last week, Hasbro says that the Transformer Prime […]

RIM’s First BBX Smartphone to Be Named Surfboard?


The BlackBerry Surfboard is now rumored to be Research in Motion’s first smartphone based on the BBX OS platform. BBX was announced as at this year’s BlackBerry DevCon as a means to merge the BlackBerry operating system together with the QNX OS, which the PlayBook tablet is built upon. Recently, a device with the codename […]

Galaxy Sleek Trademark Revealed


It looks like Samsung will be expanding its Galaxy lineup of phones come 2012 as a recent trademark filing for the ‘Samsung Galaxy Sleek’ brand was uncovered. It’s unclear if the product will be a tablet or phone as the broad trademark description covers “telephones, smart phones, mobile phones and tablet computers.” With the company […]

Is There Any Chance You Can Confuse the HTC Vivid for Porn?


Well, that’s the question worth answering since porn company Vivid is sending HTC a cease and desist notice over the Vivid brand that the Taiwanese smartphone-maker is using on its flagship smartphone for U.S. carrier AT&T. The HTC Vivid is the first 4G dual-mode HSPA+ and LTE smartphone for AT&T. Vivid Entertainment, the adult entertainment […]