Hands-On: Targus iNotebook, An Easier Way To Take Notes on the iPad

Targus isn’t always known for its innovative device accessories, but at CE Week in New York it’s showing off an interesting new iPad accessory.

The Targus iNotebook is an interesting new way to take notes on the iPad using a regular pen and paper. The device is a Bluetooth sensor that can read what users write on any paper and show it on the iPad. So users can write or draw anything they want on any paper below the sensor and it will instantly appear in the iPad app.

The device also works without the iPad, users can simply use the device by itself and connect it to the iPad later. The user’s writings or scribblings will appear on the iPad screen as soon as the user pairs two devices¬†and the user launches the app. The device is able to store up to 200 pages of notes at once, so users don’t need to worry about syncing it to the iPad immediately.

The best part of the iNotebook is it is compatible with any paper. Users don’t need to buy any specialty paper for the device to work, they just need to write on a surface with the iNotebook sensor above it.


Unfortunately for some users, the iNotebook¬†is iPad only and there’s no Android version planned at the moment. There’s also no word on an iPhone app.

The iNotebook will come to market this September, though pricing isn’t finalized yet. It looks like the perfect companion for users who want all of their notes on the iPad but prefer writing longhand to typing on the glass touchscreen.

Full disclosure: A distant relative of mine works for Targus, but the connection does not make the iNotebook any less interesting.


  1. A first impression is that this is the same technology as in the 1997/1998 Crosspad ( also the same as the paper pad in the Thinkpad Transnote.) Will it catch on at last?

  2. Hi, thanks for writing about this. It looks interesting. Does anyone remember Seiko’s technology that worked on Pocket PCs (from about a decade ago)?

    You say, this only allows to import one page at a time. Do you know if I can take say 5 pages of notes and then import them into a single notebook (that I can print, PDF etc)?

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