How to get rid of the Newsstand Icon in iOS5


I’ve been out of the iOS game for a little bit and haven’t done any updates on my iPad since last November. In the last 2 weeks, I have set up 2 iPhones, updated my iPad to iOS5, and today I set up my son’s new iPod Touch. In doing all this, I have noticed […]

Thoughts After Spending Some Time with iOS 5


Today marks two weeks into the era of IOS 5. I’ve been using it on an iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, an original iPad, and an iPod Touch. Apple made some nice changes with iOS 5 and more importantly introduced some changes that hopefully will pay off in the future. But at […]

iPhone 4S First Impressions and Turning on Siri


My iPhone 4S arrived about an hour or so ago and I’ve set it up and am up and running. So far everything is working as advertised. This is just a quick first impressions post to get things going and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more here at GBM over the next few days. […]

iOS 5 iPad2 AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV Rocks


Kevin already showed you the ins and outs of setting up your iPad2 with iOS 5 to mirror the Tablet screen to your Apple TV. Check that all out here. This however, is just an unabashed gushing post. AirPlay Mirroring from an iPad2 to an Apple TV just flat our rocks. As Kevin shows you […]

A Word of Caution about Photo Stream

Apple - iCloud - New photos on all your devices.

Photo Stream is one of the new iOS5 features that promises to make life a little easier when it comes to getting photos off of your iDevice. It’s a part of Apple’s iCloud service and the setup is pretty quick. (Check this post.) But keep in mind that if you share your iCloud connected computer […]

All Signs Are Supposedly Go for iCloud. But Hold That Thought A Second

Apple - Support - iCloud - System Status

Apple’s iCloud support page is listing that all is OK with iCloud at the moment. I’d beg to differ. I’ve still not been able to migrate over from MobileMe. I’m sure there are any number of reasons (cough, cough) that this could be, given the crush from yesterday. Apparently iOS updates are moving a little […]

Tales From the Apple Update Front: UPDATED

Software Update

And it just seems to go on and on. It’s more than obvious at this point that Apple and its legion of users anxious to get their hands on updates for just about every piece of software Apple has on the market are experiencing major traffic and bandwidth woes. To say that Apple’s servers can’t […]

Apple Clogs Up The Pipes with Lion and iOS Updates

Software Update

You can just hear the groaning. Or if you’re on Twitter you can see it rolling by in real time. Apple is opened up the floodgates for quite a few updates today with the focus of course on iOS5. But it is also updating OSX Lion to 10.7.2 which brings the iCloud features as well […]

New Demo of Siri is Impressive

Apple iPhone 4S Siri demo - YouTube

The folks at seem to have gotten their hand on an iPhone 4S and have a video demoing Siri. We all know that canned demos at keynotes are just that, but this one appears to be in a room with some noise and if this is any indication of how Siri might actually work, […]

Apple’s iPhone 4S is a ‘Tweener but What Else is New


After watching the coverage of Apple’s iPhone 4S announcement yesterday I’m left with the feeling that while the Cupertino money machine has made some substantial change to the guts of its device and its new OS, Apple has basically announced a ‘tweener phone for the mobile market that is, well, in a state of being […]

Apple to Release New App Cards: Aims to Save US Postal Service

Cards app

Apple unveiled a new App today, called Cards. It’s a simple, and some may say outdated, concept. You send a picture to Apple, they print out a Greeting Card with the picture and mail it (yes, mail it) to the intended recipient. You can of course pick designs for the card. It will cost $2.99 […]

Ohh Noooo! No iPhone 5


That sound you hear is coming from all over the place is in response to Apple choosing not to announce the highly anticipated iPhone 5 today at its big unveiling.That’s right. There is no iPhone 5. Yet. I’m sure we’ll have one down the road. But Apple looks to following its path. Remember the iPhone […]

iCloud Storage Upgrade Pricing Announced


Apple announced iCloud storage upgrade pricing at its iPhone event at its Cupertino headquarters today. We’ve known for a while that the first 5GB will be complimentary, but now we know that iCloud upgrades will start at just $20 per year. iCloud is Apple’s new mobile service that makes it easier to backup data and […]

Getting Ready for iOS5: Back Up Back Up Back Up

iCloud Backup

Apple’s big event is less than a couple of hours away and while many are focusing on devices, iOS5 is going to be what all those iDevice users are going to be checking out before we see new phones. (Latest speculation by the way is that there is no iPhone 5, just the 4S, but […]

Thoughts on Apple and What It Will Announce Tomorrow

Apple iPhone Event

Apple is exercising its might and sucking all the oxygen out of the tech news in the run up to tomorrow’s announcement. Given how predictable that has become and how crazy the rumor mill is, I’m actually hoping that tomorrow might offer something different. In fact, I think tomorrow might be both a beginning and […]

What is iOS 5 Missing?

iOS 5 "widgets"

On October 4th Apple is holding an¬†iPhone¬†event where we expect to learn more about the next iPhone. Apple is also expected to announce an iOS 5 release date and share more details about the software which will come to most iPhones on or around October 12th. While details are still fuzzy on the iPhone 5, […]

Voice Control May Morph into a Virtual Assistant on iPhone 5


There is really nothing new when it comes to next version iPhone speculation. In fact, it almost seems like we may have reached a tipping point, where there might actually be a back lash of some sort. But on it goes. Ever since Apple acquired Siri and rumors began swirling about Apple and Nuance, makers […]