7 Awesome iPad Games You Won’t Believe Are Free


Gaming on the iPad is just one thing that makes Apple’s tablet so great. Here are seven awesome iPad games that are so good, you won’t believe they’re free to play. There are a ton of games available for the iPad that are free to download and play, but many of them are pretty basic […]

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Coming To iPad Soon

Star Wars KOTOR iPad

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, the classic BioWare RPG is coming to the iPad sometime in the near future. While BioWare hasn’t yet announced its 2003 RPG for the iPad, but IGN has an exclusive review of the game. The review doesn’t give a release date for the game, but a release sometime […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Coming to iPad and iPhone This Year

XCOM Enemy Unknown on iPad

This summer 2K Games will bring XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the most recent entry in the popular sci-fi tactics series, to the iPhone and iPad. XCOM Lead developer Jake Solomon told Polygon the team at 2K China will port the entire AAA game to iOS devices. Gamers who play the game on the iPad and iPhone […]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Now Available on iPhone and iPad

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar Games’ classic open world action game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now available for the iPhone and iPad for $3.99. The iOS release Grand Theft Auto: Vice City celebrates the game’s tenth anniversary, which first released on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Vice City follows the story of Tommy Vercetti in Vice City, an […]

Black Friday iPhone and iPad App Sales Start Today


With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up app developers are cutting prices on some of their apps, like they do for every major U.S. holiday. Like most holiday sales big game publishers have sales for almost their entire lineup of apps for the iPhone and iPad. Read: Apple Black Friday 2012 Price Guide EA Games […]

The Walking Dead Episode 4 Now Available on iPhone and iPad

The Walking Dead iPad game

After a short wait The Walking Dead on iPhone and iPad now has the same amount of content as the PC and console version of the game. Today Telltale Games released Episode 4 of The Walking Dead title “Around Every Corner” on iPhone and iPad. The episode came to PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 […]

Gameloft Launches Website for Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 4

Gameloft’s popular Modern Combat series will reach its fourth iteration this year, and Gameloft recently launched a website to provide gamers with news on the new game coming to the iPhone, iPad and Android later this year. The website currently hosts a few images from Modern Combat 4 as well as an extended reveal trailer. […]

Great End of Summer iPad Games

Avengers Initiative

As Autumn approaches a lot of the gaming world shifts towards consoles and PCs as giant games with massive budgets release at a pace of almost one every week. At the end of Summer a few new games came to the iPad and iPhone, and they’re enough to tide over most gamers as they wait […]

The Walking Dead for iPad Review (Episode 1)

The Walking Dead iPad game

The Walking Dead is the latest adventure game from Telltale Games, arguably the biggest developer that keeps the genre alive. The new zombie comic book-based game took a few weeks to come to the iPad and iPhone, but the wait was definitely worth it. Unlike other zombie games that focus solely on shooting the undead, […]

10 Addicting iPad Games

10 Addicting iPad Games

Apple’s iOS App Store is flooded with thousands upon thousands of games that are vying for the attention of the millions of iPad owners around the globe. That being said, it can be a difficult task to wade through all of the games in order to find the ones that are worth the download. More […]

10 Classic Games The iPad Needs


Apple’s new iPad is packed with a dual-core A5X processor that offers quad-core graphics which has made gaming on the tablet  much more powerful. Games like Infinity Blade 2, Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto III, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 have all shown off how powerful gaming on a tablet can be. It also seems […]

Cargo-Bot: The First iPad Game Created on The iPad

Cargo-Bot: The First iPad Game Created on The iPad

Developer Two Lives Left just put out its first iPad game: Cargo-Bot, a game built entirely in an iPad app. According to Cult of Mac, Two Lives Left created Cargo-Bot entirely within Codea, another iPad app. Codea is a $10 iPad app that helps potential developers create their own apps. Codea uses the Lua programming language for […]

43 Fun and Addictive iPad Games (Video)

top ipad games - Games

The iPad has hanged the way I play games thanks to a rich app catalog, incredible processing power and stunning visuals. I no longer need to dominate the living room TV or carry a dedicated handheld system to play great games. The iPad is no longer just for casual puzzle games and Angry Birds. There […]

Max Payne Mobile Comes To iOS and Android in April

Max Payne Mobile logo

Rockstar Games, makers of Grand Theft Auto III, will bring another of their popular titles to smartphones and tablets this month. Max Payne Mobile will be available for iOS on April 12 with the Android version arriving a bit later on April 26th. Like GTA III, Max Payne is a port from the PC version […]

PC Classic Baldur’s Gate is Coming to iPad

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad

This summer iPad owners will be able to play one of the best PC role-playing games on their post-PC device. Overhaul Games is bringing Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to the iPad this summer, 14 years after it launched on the PC. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition for iPad will have everything from the original game, plus […]

New Angry Birds Space Trailer Reveals Little Yet Excites Us More

Angry Birds Space

We only have two more days until Angry Birds Space launches. (At this point, I’m not going to even try to avoid the puns.) Today Rovio posted another new trailer that is designed to tease more than anything. It features a few extra snippets of gameplay and a hint at the storyline around the beginning […]

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is Now Available on iPhone and iPad

Namco Sky Gamblers for iOS

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, the flight-sim game that Namco showed off at the new iPad event is now available in the App Store. While Namco showed it working on the new iPad, it will work on any iOS device that supports iOS 5. To get the most out of the game, Namco says you’ll need a […]

Sky Gamblers for the New iPad Sets Sights on Hardcore Gamers (Video)

Namco Sky Gamblers for iOS

Last week at the new iPad announcement Apple invited Namco on stage to show off its newest game Sky Gamblers. The game is a new flight-sim similar to the publisher’s Ace Combat series. This new game is exclusive to iOS and it really shows what the new iPad is capable of. Sky Gamblers takes advantage […]