Shenmue 3: 5 Things You Need to Know

You can play Shenmue early on PC for a $100 backing level.

Shenmue 3 is real and it is coming to console and PC if it raises $2 Million in the next thirty days. There are options to play Shenmue 3 early if you back the #SaveShenmue project on kickstarter. On stage at the Sony E3 2015 press conference Yu Suzuki announced the Shenmue 3 release and the Shenmue 3 […]

Micro 3D Printer Makes 3D Printing Affordable

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Early last year the Micro 3D Printer made a lot of noise with one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date, earning millions and millions of dollars with their vision of making a 3D Printer affordable enough for the average person. The Kickstarter campaign ended with well over $3 million in funding, and is […]

MagSafe Charger for iPhone 5s Touts Hassle-Free Charging


Apple’s Lightning connector is a huge improvement over its legacy 30-pin cable, but a new Kickstarter campaign aims to bring the MacBook’s popular MagSafe connector to the iPhone as an even better option. The accessory lineup is called Cabin, and it includes a MagSafe attachment for your iPhone 5s or iPhone 5, a MagSafe adapter […]

Ouya Launches in Stores, Angers Some Kickstarter Backers


The Ouya Android game console is now available in stores for anyone to buy, but many Kickstarter backers aren’t happy about it. The Ouya is a small Android-based home video game console made possible by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Users gave money to Ouya last year to help the company produce the Ouya console with […]

As Smartwatch Popularity Rises, Entrepreneurs Look Towards Windows Phone for Opportunities


Without an “official” smartwatch platform or solution from Apple, Google, and Microsoft, developers and entrepreneurs are now looking towards Windows Phone for new opportunities. One such company is Secret Labs, which has gained momentum for its AGENT project on Kickstarter for a smartwatch that will be compatible with synchronizing data and information with Apple’s iOS […]

Pebble Review: Disappointing With Limited Apps, Especially for iPhone

pebble text notification

The much-anticipated Pebble Smartwatch has arrived! The popular Kickstarter project, now available for pre-order, precedes the rumored Apple iWatch. But should buyers wait? Or get the Pebble? The Pebble watch promised users a cool smartwatch that connected to iPhone or Android phones. Apps were promised to extend phone control to the wrist for music, to receive notifications […]

Kickstarter Goes Mobile With New iPhone App

Kickstarter iPhone app

Today Kickstarter released its own iPhone app to let users easily discover new projects, back projects and view backer updates from their phone. Users can also easily hunt for individual projects, search through categories and find projects near them For most users the new Kickstarter app is an easier way to discover new projects on […]

Mauz: This iPhone Pointer Almost Makes Kickstarter Worth the Trouble


Mauz connects to an iPhone 4/4S using the 30-pin dock connector, or the new lightning connector on the iPhone 5. It turns the iPhone into a “smart mouse” with traditional right/left clicks and a gyroscope-powered remote control for a computer. It will also let the user gesture over the phone as it lies on a […]

Pebble Smartwatch Release Date Inches Closer

Pebble Smart Watch orange

The Pebble smartwatch recently made its way through the FCC, bringing it one step closer to release according to an Engadget report. The Pebble smartwatch is a watch that connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth. The watch can receive information from smartphones such as the weather, missed calls, number of emails and messages. To make […]

Project Godus To Bring God Games to Mobile

Project Godus

Peter Molyneux, creator of games like Populous and Black & White wants to bring that type of “god game” to mobile devices with his newest game, Project Godus. Project Godus is the new project from Molyneux’s new studio 22cans which recently released Curiosity: What’s In The Cube on iPhone and Android. The team wants to […]

ORA: Ultimate Sound System for iPad

ora for ipad

The ORA: Ultimate Sound System for iPad is a Kickstarter project that fixes one of the most glaring deficiencies of every version of the iPad since day one – the miserable sound quality. This case adds a much louder speaker system along every edge of the iPad and promises to improve the iPad’s sound for gamers, movie and […]

Martian Watch Puts Siri & Google on Your Wrist

Martian Watches

Smart watches are the new hot trend for wristwear, but not all smart watches are created equal. While Pebble and MetaWatch gained big attention on Kickstarter, they lack the ability to use voice commands. Enter Martian Watches. The Martian watches connect to the iPhone and Android smartphones with Bluetooth to provide access to Siri and Google Voice […]

Demo Video Shows Pebble Watch User Interface in Action


The Pebble, a popular Kickstarter project that offers a wristwatch capable of connecting to smartphones for control of music, text messaging, email and more, stars in a new video showing off the user interface. The Pebble video makes me even more impatient as I wait to get my Pebble watch. Such is the experience of […]

MetaWatch Claims It Can Ship The First iOS 6 Compatible Smartwatch

MetaWatch Strata

After the success of the Pebble there’s another potentially popular smartwatch on Kickstarter: the MetaWatch Strata. While both the Pebble and the Strata are smartwatches that gain funding through Kickstarter, that’s essentially where the similarities end. The MetaWatch Strata comes from a company that’s made smartwatches for eight years, most notable as part of Fossil’s […]

Pebble Smart Watch Gets A New Color And A Delay

Pebble Smart Watch orange

The Pebble Smart Watch is running into a typical Kickstarter problem where overfunded projects face delays after the campaign ends. The Pebble team recently announced on Kickstarter that it won’t meet the estimated September shipping date it had since the start of the campaign. The cause for the delay is essentially because the device was […]

MagSkin Turns the Back of Your iPhone Into a Magnet

Magskin on fridge

Imagine being able to stick your iPhone on any magnetic surface and have it stay there. The MagSkin for the iPhone and iPad can turn your fridge, filing cabinet, car or any other metal surface into an iPhone mount. Best of all, MagSkin is a thin skin that sticks to the back of an iPhone […]

GottaBeFunded: OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

OpenPlans Transit App for iOS 6

With the new Maps in iOS 6, Apple is relying on third-party apps for public transportation, and thankfully there’s an organization that wants to help fill the gap. OpenPlans is a nonprofit based in New York City that builds open-source apps for cities, and it wants to help iOS users with an open transit app. […]

Review: The Touchfire Keyboard


Before I get to talking about the Touchfire keyboard for the iPad, let me first talk about this and other Kickstarter projects. The Touchfire sprang to life as a KickStarter project, and if you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a service wherein a project developer can seek financial support up front to develop a […]

Overfunded Kickstarter Projects Face More, Longer Delays

Kickstarter Stats

With the growing popularity of Kickstarter we’ve seen a number of interesting projects dealing with technology, art, movies, and almost anything else. There’s reason to question these projects, however. To illustrate the problems with Kickstarter projects Appsblogger writer Jeanne Pi teams with Professor Ethan Mollick who teaches statistics at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. […]

L8 SmartLight Uses 65 LEDs for Silent Notifications for Phones

L8 SmartLight

Kickstarter projects range from silly ideas that get very little funding to big ideas that hit their goal many times over. The L8 SmartLight is in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign, but we think it falls right in the middle of the two extremes. The L8 SmartLight team describes their device as the “soundless […]