How to Save a Photo From Text Message on Galaxy S5

Here's how to save a photo on the Galaxy S5 that you get as a text message.

Saving a photo from a text message on the Galaxy S5 is an easy way to make sure you don’t lose a great photo from a friend, family member or co-worker. This guide will show you how to save a photo that you get as a text message on the Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy […]

Google+ Turns Your Smartphone Into a Snow Globe

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.27.26 AM

Google added a fun little holiday gift and Easter Egg to the Google+ Android app rolling out today, one which will remind everyone of their childhood playing with a snow globe. Google+ Auto Awesome has received some neat features as of late, and this week Google introduced one more. Google+ will turn any smartphone into […]

How To Get Animated Slide Shows Back on iOS 7 Devices


I was preparing a post on how to put an animated slide show on the Microsoft Surface 2 Lock Screen and I wanted to do a bit of a comparison with how to do this on the iPad. Lo and behold, I discovered that the feature that used to exist has now vanished. Well, not […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera Details Come Into Focus

A possible Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sample photo.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to arrive in late 2013 with a better camera than the aging Galaxy Note 2. Rumors often point to a 13MP camera, similar to what the Galaxy S4 uses. This morning a new photo appeared online with details that point to it originating on a prototype Samsung Galaxy […]

3 Ways Yahoo’s Flickr Can Threaten Facebook


If Facebook is a life diary, Instagram a repository for low resolution and filter-blasted images, Twitter a public SMS database, and Google+ a Twitter meets photo network, then Yahoo is clearly differentiating its Flickr service as a serious tool to photographers that is more accessible now than ever. At a New York City unveiling last […]

Instagram Coming to Windows Phone 8 When Lumia 928 Launches?


Popular Facebook-owned photo sharing service Instagram may launch its app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform alongside the launch of Nokia’s new Lumia 928. New rumors suggest that the app, which has long been rumored for the platform, would arrive alongside several other apps this spring, including Temple Run 2 and Jetpack Joyride. Rumors of […]

Fuji X-E1 Review: A Retro Camera That Inspires

Kit zoom lens offers surprisingly good performance with sharp images, bokeh, and wide apertures.

The Fuji X-E1 is a retro-inspired camera that borrows its good looks from rangefinder designs such as those from Leica. And not only does the X-E1 look good, it also has the imaging power to deliver some stunningly good images, a vast assortment of manual controls that inspires photographers to switch away from automatic shooting, […]

iPad 5 Case Leak Teases iPad mini Design, June 2013 Release

An iPad 5 case next to an iPad mini case and an iPAd 4 case to show size.

A fresh iPad 5 release date rumor and a photo of an iPad 5 case arrived late Friday, showing what could be the next iPad and teasing a release date in June. MiniSuit, a case manufacturer, claims to know the dimensions and design of the iPad 5, and is already producing cases for the next iPad. […]

BlackBerry to Score Instagram App for BB10, BlackBerry Z10?


In a move that could bolster BlackBerry’s (formerly RIM) new BlackBerry 10 operating system and the newly launched BlackBerry Z10 hardware, popular photo sharing service Instagram is said to be coming to the BlackBerry World app store. Neither BlackBerry nor Instagram has released a statement or comment on the matter, but the news was reported […]

Padcaster Helps Users Shoot Better Video With Their iPads


At the Consumer Electronics Show, we saw an iPad mount called the Padcaster that will help users add video accessories and record better videos. The Padcaster has slots to add recording accessories, akin to higher-end consumer videocameras or professional videocameras, such as a hot shoe for video light, microphone holder, and an adapter mount for […]

iOS 6: How to Take Photos While Shooting Video on the iPhone 5

Photo while taking video iPhone 5 iOS 6 - 8

It’s possible to take a photo while shooting video on the iPhone 5 thanks to a new feature in iOS 6. This means users don’t need to choose between taking video and capturing a perfect photo opportunity. While shooting video on the iPhone 5 users can tap on the camera button to take a photo while […]

Leaked Photo Shows Alleged Smaller iPhone 5 Dock Connector Cable

iPhone 5 USB Cable

The iPhone 5 and the rest of the new Apple products may receive a new dock connector when they launch this fall. The new smaller dock connector isn’t confirmed, but Veister, a USB cable design and manufacturing company based in China shares images of what it claims to be the iPhone 5 USB cable. The company shares a photo […]

Ptch Makes Creating, Sharing & Remixing Memories Simple on the iPhone

Ptch in the making

Sharing all the photos and videos we take on our iPhones is fun, but overwhelming for friends and family, especially when it comes to sharing a whole vacation or a weekend adventure. Ptch is a free iPhone app that hopes to help change the way we capture and share memories, by pulling together photos and videos with […]

Always Keep the Normal Photo When Shooting HDR on the iPhone

iPHone HDR

The iPhone offers an optional HDR mode, that combines multiple exposures into one photo, to create a single photo with a wide range of light. HDR produces some beautiful looking iPhone photographs, but users shouldn’t turn off the option to Keep Normal Photo, even if it clogs up the Photostream. The iPhone 4S has a good […]

Instagram for Android Review (Video)


After an excruciating wait, Instagram for Android has arrived. The Instagram team took their time porting the popular iPhone app to Android, and it has paid off. The app looks and feels like it was made for Android and runs great on the Galaxy Nexus. Instagram is available for free from Google Play. You may […]

Try Photoshop CS6 Beta For Free – Explore 5 Great New Features


Adobe announced Photoshop CS6 today, the next version of the popular and iconic photo editing tool. The new version of Photoshop won’t arrive until later this year, likely this summer, but you don’t have to wait until July to try Photoshop CS6 for yourself. Adobe is offering a free Photoshop CS6 beta that anyone can […]

Forget Instagram for Android, Try Streamzoo

Streamzoo controls

There’as an insane amount of interest in Instagram for Android, but so far there’s no Instagram Android app. And Instagram for Android isn’t right around the corner. You could be sad and mope around, and that might lead to some interesting photos, but instead, why not check out an awesome instagram Android alternative — Streamzoo. Streamzoo is […]

Google+ Saves The Day With Auto Photo Uploads


If you’re anything like me your smartphone is your camera. In the past 90 days I’ve taken over 1,000 photos on my iPhone and hundreds on my Galaxy Nexus and other Android Review phones. A few years ago I wouldn’t have cared much about these photos, partly because the cameras on phones were awful and […]