Oppo Find 7: The Best Phone Around That You Can’t Buy in the U.S.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and upcoming HTC One are both excellent smartphones, but there’s other impressive Android smartphones that will probably never make it to US markets. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has been teasing its latest flagship smartphone, the Find 7, and today it was officially revealed. Offering top-tier specs that blow away anything […]

LG G3: 6 Things We Know So Far


With the Samsung Galaxy S5 and New HTC One details out of the way, considering we know all there is about both smartphones, many consumers are now starting to turn their focus to the upcoming LG G3. The next major phone announcements will be the iPhone 6, the LG G3, and whatever Motorola has on […]

Samsung Hints at 4k Display in Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy S5 concept.

At the moment everyone is paying close attention to Samsung regarding what they’ll deliver with the new Galaxy S5 smartphone, but that isn’t all the company has planned for 2014. While it’s too early to start talking too much about the Galaxy Note 4, some new comments from Samsung could be giving us early hints. […]

LG Prepping Galaxy S5 Rival in Rumored Fall G3


After rumors surfaced that Samsung may be working on a phone with a whopping QHD resolution Galaxy S5, it looks like South Korean rival LG may be prepping its own Android competitor in the form of the LG G3, a device that will succeed the current LG G2 flagship today. The LG G3 is speculated […]

LG’s Quad HD Smartphone Display Doubles Retina Display’s Clarity


With four times as many pixels as a 720p HD display found on many of today’s smartphones, a new Quad HD resolution smartphone screen made by LG Display brings a pixel-topping 2560 X 1440 pixels to a 5.5-inch smartphone screen. That number equates to about 538 pixels per inch, or PPI, nearly double what Apple […]

Samsung Epic 2 May Be Flagship Pre-Paid Phone for Sprint


Though the rumored Samsung Epic 2 for Sprint never came out, the phone may still be launching as recent leaks suggest. The device was most recently found on the Cellebrite device system and the Epic 2, complete with its sliding QWERTY keyboard, may make its way now potentially to Sprint’s pre-paid brands instead. As such, […]

PenTile Dishes Advice on How to Conserve Battery Life on New qHD Displays


PenTile, which powers the subpixel arrangement on most, if not all, of the recently released Android smartphones with qHD displays, is giving advice to customers on how to conserve battery life on those new smartphones with the high resolution, pixel-packed 960 X 540 screens. On phones like the Motorola Photon 4G, the Droid 3, and […]

LG to Unleash Retina Display to Other Smartphone Vendors


LG Display, which has been a strong partner to Apple in launching the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 as well as procuring iPad display panels, will be making its display technology available to other manufacturers soon. This could potentially lead to Retina Display-powered Android smartphones in the near future, with 960 X 640 resolution […]

Sprint’s Sizzling Summer 4G Trio: Samsung Within (Galaxy S II), HTC EVO 3D, Motorola Photon 4G


After massive smartphone launches from Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile recently, Sprint’s about to join its rivals in welcoming some hot summer smartphones this summer. Grads, dads, and back-to-school folks may want to take a look at Sprint’s three hottest announced and unannounced high-end Android handsets this summer. That lineup includes a variant of the Samsung […]

Is There a Lack of Smartphone Diversity on Verizon’s 4G LTE Network?


Granted, 4G LTE and its consumer-facing devices are still in an infancy period having only been recently made available for purchase within the last few months, but the three Android smartphones–two of which are available today and one coming later this week–all exhibit similar traits. For one, all three devices are touchscreen-only devices so that […]

Motorola Droid X2 Hands On Video – Compared to HTC ThunderBolt [Verizon]

Droid X2 Mini Review

The Motorola Droid X2 is another anticipated sequel for Verizon Wireless. The Droid X2 delivers a fast 1GHz Dual Core Nvidia processor and a beautiful qHD Display for $200. The biggest weakness is a lack of 4G, but even without the higher speed uploads and downloads, it is an impressive looking phone. Verizon just sent […]

Target Leaks T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G Launch Date, Price

HTC Sensation at Target

The HTC Sensation with its large 4.3-inch qHD display, 8-megapixel HD camera, and the latest version of HTC Sense will be among the many Android phones to lust for this summer, and a Target leak suggests that the phone will launch on Sunday, June 11, 2011 at the retailer for a price of $200 with […]

Sharp Launches Aquos Android Smartphone with 3D, qHD Display

aquos2 Sharp Aquos SH 12C Android, 1.4 GHz, 4

Taking on the HTC EVO 3D, Sharp will be providing Japanese residents a 3D-capable smartphone in the form of the Aquos Android phone. Curiously, though as Sharp is the maker of the EVO 3D’s qHD glasses-free 3D display, the Aquos phone actually ships sans 3D screen. It does however have the same qHD resolution display […]

HTC Sensation Spotted at FCC, T-Mobile Release Getting Closer

Doubleshot FCC label

The HTC Sensation, one of the most powerful phones, is sitting at U.S. regulatory agency FCC for approval. The device features a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU, high resolution qHD display, an array of wireless radios and sensors, and can be seen as an HTC EVO 3D for Sprint without the 3D screen or dual rear […]

HTC EVO 3D Exported Out of U.S. as the HTC Rider?

HTC Rider

While Sprint may be the exclusive carrier to offer the HTC EVO 3D, further capitalizing on its relationship with HTC and its EVO franchise, the device may be sold internationally under the name of HTC Rider. Unlike other HTC phones for other carriers, the leaked blurry image of the HTC Rider shows its distinct relationship […]

HTC Watch Video Streaming Service to Debut with HTC Sensation


Following Samsung’s launch of the Media Hub for its own smartphones and tablets, HTC will be debuting its own video streaming service called HTC Watch that will appear first on the HTC Sensation 4.3-inch Android smartphone featuring a 2D qHD and 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU. However, with fragmented, OEM-created media experiences, the convenience factor […]