Slingbox M1 Review: Watch Live TV on iPhone & Android

slingbox m1

Thanks to services like the new Dish Sling TV, now in beta, we’re getting closer to the cord cutter’s dream of watching any TV show or event on an iPhone or Android phone. A Slingbox still offers the only consistent way to watch all the content available on my TV while on the go. The new Slingbox M1 updates earlier […]

5 Best Ways to Watch or Listen to NASCAR While Mobile

nascar raceview mobile

The Daytona 500 kicked off the 2014 NASCAR season with an exciting finish, especially for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fans. The season picks back up starting the first weekend in March in all three of the NASCAR series and fans will want to get their racing fix, even on the go. Here are the 5 best […]

SlingPlayer App Now Available for Windows 8.1 and Surface Tablets


SlingMedia the maker of the Slingbox has announced that there is now a SlingPlayer App available for Windows 8.1, which means that Windows users who own Surface Tablets, and other Windows 8 devices can now view their home TV and DVR content. The App costs $14.99 but you can try it out for free for […]

How to Watch Super Bowl 2013 on Android Phones


Super Bowl XLVII arrives this February 3, and fans of their favorite team will be rooting for their team to win the the big game. Other NFL fans just want to enjoy the spectacle of one of the biggest sporting events of the year. All of our friends will likely talk about the big plays, […]

How To Watch the NFL Playoffs on the iPhone, iPad and Android

nfl mobile

NFL fans know the playoffs begin Saturday, January 5. Many of us can’t sit in front of a TV to watch all the games. Those who can will likely use a smartphone or tablet to supplement their TV viewing with some good second screen apps. To watch the NFL playoffs on a mobile device will […]

SlingPlayer Adds iPhone 5 And New Slingbox Support

SlingPlayer for iOS

The newest SlingPlayer for iOS adds support for the iPhone 5 so users can watch their place-shifted content in widescreen without black bars on their phones. The new version of SlingPlayer for iOS also adds support for the new Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500. The new Slingboxes will stream content at full 1080p, which the […]

Best iPad Apps for College


College students today don’t know how good they have it thanks to the iPad and more iPad apps for college than they can count, at least before completing Understanding Numerical Data. I ended my college career in 2005. On that May afternoon when I turned my tassel for the last time I’d never even, heard of apps. […]

SlingBox Pro-HD Review: Bring Your TV With You

Sling Box Pro HD

The SlingBox Pro-HD along with the collection of SlingPlayer apps does a decent job of streaming your home TV content to your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device or laptop. Unlike cable TV apps, which restrict use to your house and to specific cable companies, the SlingBox Pro-HD works anywhere you have an Internet […]

Apps to Super Charge Your Super Bowl Party


Here’s a list of mobile apps that will help you get ready for the Super Bowl and help you enjoy the game. I’m not as excited about the Super Bowl this year as I would be if my Packers made it. So I looked for some apps to make the game more enjoyable as I hang […]

SlingPlayer Comes to Kindle Fire


The SlingBox offers a great way to enjoy TV viewing on mobile devices or via the web and Sling Media announced this week that the SlingPlayer app is available for the Amazon Kindle Fire as well. We recommend it as one of the best ways to watch the Super Bowl while on the go, if […]

Watch Super Bowl 46 on Your Android, iPhone or iPad With SlingBox

SlingPlay over 3G on my IPad

If you’re away from your TV on Super Bowl Sunday, then consider watching the game on your iPad, Android device or iPhone. It’s not the same as watching on a big HD display, but not everyone will have that luxury due to work schedules or cable cutting. You can watch on your iPhone, iPad or […]

SlingPlayer for Android Honeycomb Gets Previewed


Sling Media, the maker of the Slingbox and the SlingPlayer software, has just released a demo video of its latest SlingPlayer app for Android Honeycomb tablets. SlingPlayer essentially allows a user to connect to their home TV, cable box, or satellite TV receiver and watch live TV while away on their notebooks, PCs, Macs, smartphones, […]

SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7 Demo Video

As we pointed out yesterday, a lot apps are finally starting to show up in Microsoft’s App Market. With 1,000 apps in the App Market, Microsoft has some serious catching up to do. Fortunately, it looks like SlingPlayer for Windows Phone 7 will be out soon and it’s one good looking app. It’s already available […]

Sling Releases 3G Version of SlingPlayer for iPhone - SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

We knew it was coming and now it is here. Sing Media has released an update to its iPhone app (iTunes link) that now allows streaming video over AT&T’s 3G network via a SlingBox. If you recall, the $29.99 app only worked over WiFi previously and was the subject of quite a spat regarding AT&T […]

AT&T Relents and Allows Sling on the iPhone - SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

Looks like some things might be changing. AT&T has notified Sling Media and Apple that it will now allow Sling Media’s Slingplayer app to be run on 3G over the iPhone. When Sling released the $30 app there was a hue and cry because it was limited to WiFi only. This will be a big […]

GBM Podcast #73: Talking Tons of Tech

When Xavier and I sat down to record this podcast we were a bit surprised at how much new hardware there was to talk about this week, but we’re enterprising lads and we came up with a roster of topics that I’m sure will get your gadget lust going. From the Pogoplug to SugarSync to […]