Kensington Protective Back Cover for New iPad Review

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Kensington Protective Back Cover for New iPad Review

The Apple Smart Cover is a great iPad accessory, but it leaves the back of the iPad open to scratches.

Users who want to protect the back of the new iPad without adding bulk or hiding the Apple logo should look at the Kensington Protective Back Cover for the new iPad.

The soft rubber finish protects the new iPad from scratches and bumps as well as adds grips to help users hold on to the iPad while carrying it around.

Kensington Protective Back Cover Review - back 2

The Kensington Back Protector for the new iPad comes in several colors, including the translucent version I reviewed. This is a smokey color that matches the back of the new iPad well, and looks great with my Orange Smart Cover.


There’s not a lot to this case, but that’s the point. The case has a minimal design that won’t get in the way of using the iPad or most accessories.

I like the slight lip that the  case adds to the iPad. This makes it possible to rest next to a notebook in a computer bag or place facedown on a table without worrying about scratches if I’m not using my Smart Cover.

Kensington Protective Back Cover Review - Lip

Users who type on the iPad in landscape mode will enjoy the added grip from this case, both with and without the Smart Cover.

The Kensington Protective Back Cover works with the new iPad and the iPad 2. I was not able to test this cover out with the iPad 2, but it does fit very good on the new iPad which is slightly thicker. Some cases made for both don’t fit the thicker iPad very well, but it is not an issue this time. The case offers easy access to all ports and buttons.

Kensington Protective Back Cover Review - buttons

Kensington offers the Protective Back Cover for the new iPad for $19.99. Amazon sells several versions, but non listed specify that it will work with the new iPad.

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  • Gary Dimitriyev
    08/04/2012 at 12:51 pm

    I have been looking for an iPad case because as a graphic designer, and i carry my iPad around on the busy streets of New York almost every day. My only concern is that the case may interfere with my iPad’s reception of AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

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