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CES Reports: The Origami Experience

When we first headed over the UMPC area of Microsoft’s booth at CES, I saw two Asus R2H UMPCs running an interesting looking program. Turns out it is the...
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Here it comes, Origami Round 2

We are all expecting to see a lot of Ultra-Mobile PC / Origami news coming out of CES in January. When the Origami was launched in March of 2006, we were all&n...
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Fujitsu’s Tiny Origami In The Works?

It is still in the works or concept stage, but this tiny Ultra-Mobile from Fujitsu certainly looks Origami-like. It folds up small enough to fit in your pocket...
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Interview With The Origami Team

UltraMobileGeek by ThoughtFix has posted a brief interview with two members of Microsoft’s Origami/UMPC team. Some interesting questions and also interes...
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Talking Origami with Nick Randolph

Hugo Ortega has just published the 4th episode of Talk’n Tablet Downunder podcast, this time talking wtih Nick Randolph, a .NET Compact Framework MVP. ...
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Asus R2H Origami pictures

Steve from the Carrpad UMPC Journal has received some pictures from Asus of the R2H Origami and has them posted on his site. I love the brushed steel look of...