New Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Release Details Confirmed


New Samsung Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop release details have been confirmed by a regional arm of the South Korea based company. In December, Samsung started rolling out its Galaxy S5 Android 5.0 Lollipop update, the Galaxy S5’s first major Android upgrade. As such, the software brings some significant upgrades including Google’s new Material Design, performance enhancements, […]

iPhone 6 Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review

iPhone 6 Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review -  1

The iPhone 6 Mophie Juice Pack Plus is the best iPhone 6 battery case you can buy with plenty of power, great protection from drops and build quality that make it worth the price. The iPhone 6 Mophie case is available in two options, including the Mophie Juice Pack Plus which offers up to 120% more battery […]

Moto X Android 5.0.2 Lollipop Update Released

Read our Moto X 2014 review to find out why this is an upgrade and worth comparing to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5.

Earlier this week we confirmed another Moto X Android 5.0 Lollipop update was getting ready to be released in the United States, but today we can now confirm that is indeed the absolute latest version of Android. AT&T is now pushing out Android 5.0.2 Lollipop for the Moto X. One of the first smartphones to […]

Is This The Samsung Galaxy S6?

Is this the Galaxy S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date is set for March 1st but it looks like we may have our first look at the Galaxy S6 and its design a few days before Samsung takes the stage. Thanks to a user on XDA-Developers, we have a look at what could be the first glimpse at the Samsung […]

Moto E vs new Moto E: What You Need to Know

This is the new Moto E 2.

Never had there been a smartphone like Motorola delivered last year with the Moto E. For years, smartphone buyers heard talk of a future in which buying a smartphone with a set of decent features wouldn’t require a two-year contract and wouldn’t force them to take out a small loan. At some point, most industry […]

iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 Update: 5 Reasons It’s Worth Installing Now


Apple’s iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 update is the device’s sixth iOS update since launch and it’s an update that I’ve been using for a solid month now. After using the iPhone 6 iOS 8.1.3 update for just over a month now, there are some reasons why I think you should consider installing it today. A month […]

1 New Way Google Play Music Is Now Better Than Spotify


For far too long, users looking to listen to the huge amount of music they already own have been forced to get a smartphone with storage options big enough to support them. Now Google Play Music, the online streaming service for iPhone and Android users is moving even further ahead of rivals like Spotify and […]

HTC One (M7) Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Arrives

HTC One M9 - Exciting Tech 2015

Over the past 3-4 weeks many Android smartphone owners have happily received updates to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop software update announced back in October by Google, but one that has been missing is the HTC One (M7) Android 5.0 update. The company is still slowly delivering Lollipop for HTC One M8 owners, and now […]

9 Galaxy S6 Upgrade Tips

Upgrading from the Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy S6 will bring a lot of change.

If you plan on a Galaxy S6 upgrade in the near future there are some steps that you can take to ensure a smooth upgrade from the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. Here is our advice to users who plan to upgrade to the Galaxy S6 from the Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S5. Some […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price: When to Expect Deals

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Best Buy -2

The Samsung Galaxy S6 price is rumored to be expensive which means that some buyers will be on the look out for Galaxy S6 deals. A new timeline claims to show when prospective buyers can expect the biggest Galaxy S6 price cuts to arrive. As we inch closer and closer toward Sunday’s Unpacked event at Mobile […]

Shocking Galaxy Note 3 Android 5.0 Release Details Emerge

LG G3 vs Galaxy Note 3 - 4

Customer service agents for a U.S. carrier have outlined a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop release date. If the information is anywhere close to accurate, it looks like some owners will be waiting awhile for their Galaxy Note 3 Android 5.0 Lollipop update to arrive. Earlier this year, Samsung started rolling out its Galaxy Note 3 Android […]

HTC One M9 Rumors Heat Up As Cases Leak


The HTC One M9 launch date is just a few days away where HTC will take the stage on March 1st and formally announce the brand new smartphone, possibly two, as well as some accessories or a new smartwatch. And while rumors have been spinning out of control lately, today we have a few more […]

15 Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Details You Should Know

Count on an improved fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6.

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch date less than a week away, we’re starting to see a ton of Galaxy S6 release details leak. With that in mind, today we want to take a look at the most important things potential Galaxy S6 buyers need to know about the company’s highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S6 release date in the […]

Moto E 2 Video: What You Need to Know

This is the new Moto E 2.

The new Moto E 2, delivers a quad-core processor, 4G LTE and Android Lollipop in a small package for just $149 without a contract. The Moto E 2015 is not going to take on the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 head-on, but for users looking to buy a budget smartphone it offers build-quality and software that […]

Prong PWR iPhone 6 Case Comes with its Own Outlet Plug


The Prong case for iPhone first debuted in 2013 for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, but now an iPhone 6 version is available, allowing users to easily charge up their iPhones without the need for a wall adapter and cable. Prong is leaning to IndieGoGo as its funding platform for what the company is […]

LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop Rollout Continues


In December of last year a select few markets and regions outside of the US started to receive the LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop update, but now it’s slowly but surely hitting more regions and becoming readily available to owners. Last week another US carrier sent out the update, and now we’re hearing the LG […]

Report Sheds Light on Ultimate PS4 Betrayal

Double press the home button to quickly switch apps on the PS4.

Unless you absolutely know someone and would trust them with your life, it’s a bad idea to use one of the PS4’s most unique feature. At least, that seems to be the key takeaway from a new report highlighting a recent incident involving the PS4’s Share Play feature. An in-depth interview from GameInformer with a […]

How to Fix a Frozen Mac App


It’s more than frustrating when you’re working on something on your Mac and the app just freezes on you, but here’s how to fix the problem in order to restore order to chaos. OS X Yosemite isn’t perfect, and it’s still a rather new operating system. Most of the popular apps have been updated to […]

All Hope is Lost in New Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Batman Arkham Knight

It was just yesterday that developer Rocksteady Studios was discussing how it’d set out to tell a great story in Batman: Arkham Knight and ended up with a story so powerful it earned an M for Mature rating. Today, Rocksteady and Warner Brothers are giving gamers a brief taste of that story with a new […]

11 Amazing 90’s Movies Leaving Netflix in March

Great 90's movies leaving Netflix in March leave a big hole.

“What’s new on Netflix in March?” A huge lack of great 90’s movies that anyone who grew up in the 1990’s mill surely miss as Netflix cuts some of the best 90’s movies from online streaming and plans to pull 90’s cartoons from Cartoon Network soon after. Here are 11 Amazing 90’s movies that you […]