HTC 7 Pro Arrives on US Cellular


US Cellular is now offering the HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone with a sliding and tilting screen in landscape mode to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The HTC 7 Pro is similar to Sprint’s HTC Arrive, which features the same hardware design for the carrier’s CDMA 3G network. The HTC 7 Pro features a […]

HTC Flyer Coming to T-Mobile USA with 3G Radio?


After Sprint, T-Mobile USA may be the second major carrier in the States to offer the Android 2.3 HTC Flyer tablet with the latest version of HTC Sense. A model of the Flyer was seen going through the FCC with GSM and T-Mobile-compatible 3G bands. Wireless Goodness says that the filing with the regulatory agency […]

No 4G iPhone at WWDC? — 5 Reasons to Consider a 3G Smartphone


If you were holding out for Apple to announce a new, next-generation iPhone, perhaps even an iPhone 4G LTE, at WWDC and were disappointed that there was no new hardware announcement, you shouldn’t be disappointed. 3G smartphones, or even evolutionary 3G devices that rely on HSPA+ technologies are still great options. Depending on your needs, […]

Sony’s Dual-Screen S2 Tablet Visits FCC to Prepare for 4G Life on AT&T


Sony’s dual-screen Android S2 tablet was spotted at the FCC with AT&T’s HSPA+ frequencies, which could potentially indicate that AT&T may offer the tablet in its lineup. The tablet, along with a single-screen slate, was announced a few months ago in Japan. The S2 will come with two foldable 5.5-inch display panels that can be […]

Motorola Droid 3 Begins to Appear in Verizon’s Database System

Motorola Droid 3 details

Though Verizon and Motorola have not announced availability for the Droid 3, the successor to the keyboarded Droid and Droid 2 (Droid 2, Droid 2 R2D2 Special Edition, and Droid 2 Global) franchises, the device had been leaked numerous times in the past. It seems that the 3G Android smartphone is now starting to appear […]

HP TouchPad Coming in June to WalMart, OfficeMax in July, and with 3G, 4G


There’s a lot of news, or rather leaks, on the webOS front with HP’s debut consumer tablet since the computer giant had acquired Palm. The company’s webOS TouchPad tablet is expected to launch in June at WalMart while office retailer OfficeMax will be selling the tablet in July, according to the latest leaked computer screenshots […]

Verizon Looking to End 3G Service by 2013


Verizon’s CTO of Communications Tony Melone made some pretty interesting statements today at the TIA Conference in Grapevine, Texas. Melone believes that his company will have pushed out 3G service completely by 2013 and it will be replaced by, you guessed it, Verizon’s 4G LTE network. According to Melone, it’s possible that phones might start […]

Is Recent Apple Job Post Geared at Sprint iPhone Development?


A recent job posting for a carrier engineering team member for Apple located in Kansas City, Missouri may be geared at a forthcoming Sprint iPhone. A few blogs are speculating that given the job’s Kansas City location’s proximity to Sprint’s Overland Park, Kansas headquarters, the job posting may be targeted at an upcoming launch of […]

WiFi and 3G Issues on iOS Devices after 4.3.3 Update? You’re Not Alone


Misery loves company, or so they saying goes. Frankly, I’d prefer to be in solitude instead of having WiFi issues on iOS devices. Last week Apple pushed out an update to its iOS operating system (4.3.3) that was meant to quash the location database “bug.” Well, apparently users are seeing some issues with WiFi and […]

A World Phone HP Pre 3 Headed to Verizon?


An HP Pre 3 webOS smartphone was seen passing through the FCC with support for CDMA, EV-DO, GSM, and UMTS radios suggesting that the device is a world-phone CDMA model for Verizon Wireless. Though the world-phone CDMA module would be compatible with U.S. carrier Sprint as well, a recent leak on Pre Central shows the […]

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Handset Comes to AT&T


After having been launched for T-Mobile USA’s AWS 3G network, Dell’s first attempt at a Windows Phone 7 will make the jump for AT&T subscribers as well as the Venue Pro is now available for just $99 on a 2-year contract. The device features a portrait-oriented sliding QWERTY keyboard, similar in style to the Palm […]

Sprint Announces Motorola XPRT

Motorola XPRT front facing low-res homescreen

The Motorola XPRT is an enterprise-focused Android smartphone aimed at luring BlackBerry owners to the more consumer-centric mobile operating system. The device will be compatible on Sprint’s 3G CDMA/EV-DO network and is similar to the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Pro or the global GSM Motorola Pro handsets, which features a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a BlackBerry-style […]

HTC Thunderbolt: How to Get Better Battery Life [Android]


The HTC Thunderbolt is a pretty amazing phone, but the first 4G LTE phone on Verizon’s network has at least one major issue — it can drain a standard battery in 4 hours while browsing in a 4G network area. While many will see their Thunderbolt last longer, since they won’t be browsing the web […]

HTC Thunderbolt vs iPhone 4 Speedtest (video)


  The HTC Thunderbolt is the hottest phone in Verizon’s stable and its blazing fast 4G LTE speeds are a big reason why many people are choosing it over the iPhone 4. In this speed test, you can clearly see that the Thunderbolt trounces the iPhone 4. Andru Edwards of Gearlive ran the test near […]

AT&T to Offer Motorola Xoom?


A recent FCC filing for a wireless handheld product from Motorola with AT&T-compatible 3G suggests that the Android 3.0 Honeycomb Motorola Xoom tablet may be headed to AT&T. The device is described as a wireless tablet in the filing, though Motorola did not make mention of the Xoom brand name. FCC filing and approval do […]