Nokia N9 Smartphone Hacked to Run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 1.38.45 AM

The Nokia N9, an experimental smartphone released by Nokia with the MeeGo operating system, has been recently hacked to run Google’s latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Ironically, while many Android smartphones are still awaiting an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean upgrade from carriers and device manufacturers, Windows Phone-maker Nokia’s N9 is among the first […]

Nokia Has Two Low-End MeeGo Phones Coming

Nokia N9

While most of Nokia is now devoted to making Windows Phones, there is still a group dedicated to creating low-end phones for emerging markets. That group is the Next Billion Group, and it is working on two more MeeGo phones for those emerging markets. The two MeeGo phones would be the first two phones to […]

Nokia N9 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Dual-Boot

Nokia N9 with Ice Cream Sandwich

The Nokia N9, Nokia’s first and last MeeGo smartphone, is now a lot more appealing thanks to the work done by Nitdroid. Thanks to the Nitdroid team, there’s now a working Alpha build of the Nokia N9 dual-booting MeeGo and Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Alpha build of Ice Cream Sandwich on the N9 obviously […]

Using Your Phone Camera to Control Via Gestures


Nokia released an app called Air UI for the Nokia N9 or N900. It lets the user control their phone using “simple gestures over the front camera without actually touching the device,” meaning you get Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect style control of your phone. When I found out about this through a friend who’s […]

Nokia N9 Arrives at Amazon USA for $650

Nokia N9

If you live in the United States and you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a Nokia N9 and its MeeGo software, you now have that chance. The device has shown up at, the USA version, with a price of $650. Obviously, that’s probably going to be too expensive for most of you, […]

White Nokia N9 Coming Later This Year


In London at Nokia World, Nokia is announcing that the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 smartphone will be available in white later this year. Explaining that there were some obstacles in manufacturing the white color, Nokia says that white will be arriving later this year instead of at launch. Like the black Nokia N9 available currently, the […]

Nokia N9 Smartphone Finally Begins to Ship

Nokia N9

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Nokia’s MeeGo-powered N9 smartphone but today, the company has finally delivered sweet relief to those around the globe that have been waiting to get their paws on this gorgeous looking device. Nokia has announced that the N9 has finally started to ship to customers in countries not […]

Nokia N9 Also Not Launching in Germany


Following Nokia USA‘s and Nokia UK‘s decisions to not launch the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9 smartphone in their respective U.S. and UK territories, it looks like the love child of Nokia and Intel through the MeeGo partnership will also not be launching in Germany. Once considered the solution for Nokia’s turnaround strategy after stagnant Symbian sales […]

No MeeGo-Powered Nokia N9 for UK Customers Either


Following news that Nokia would cancel all of its Symbian phones in the U.S. market and will not be introducing the Nokia N9 with the MeeGo operating system Stateside, we’re hearing news that Nokia UK will also be cancelling the N9’s launch across the Atlantic in the UK. News from the UK suggests that Nokia […]

Nokia N9 Not Coming to the U.S.

Nokia N9

A few days ago we told you that Nokia had started a countdown on the Nokia N9‘s website. For those that aren’t aware, the Nokia N9 is the Finnish company’s last MeeGo powered smartphone and people around the world have been excited to get their hands on it, including many people in the United States. […]

Nokia N9 Launching in 49 Days?

Nokia N9

Two days ago, we learned that September 15th was a possible launch date for Nokia’s MeeGo-powered N9 smartphone and sure enough, Nokia has all but confirmed that date by introducing a fancy little counter on the official N9 website that is counting down to what is presumably a launch date. As I write this, sits […]

Orange Switzerland Shows September 15 Launch Date for MeeGo Nokia N9


It looks like September may shape up to be a pretty busy month. Along with back to school, the ninth month of the year may be host to the launch of new Windows Phone 7 hardware with the Mango software update, potentially the launch–or announcement–time for Apple’s iOS devices, and now also the consumer availability […]

Nokia Promises Years of Support for MeeGo-Powered N9


In a Twitter message, Nokia is promising years of support and a number of software update for the company’s recently announced Nokia N9 smartphone, which is the first phone from Nokia to utilize the MeeGo operating system, which was developed as a partnership between Nokia and Intel. However, given that Nokia has since shied away […]

Nokia MeeGo Slider Phone Lives On as Developer Edition


While Nokia had announced its first MeeGo smartphone in the form of the slate-styled Nokia N9, developers will be able to get another version of the MeeGo phone with a slide-out keyboard and some modified specs. Dubbed the Nokia N950, the developer edition with its sliding keyboard should resemble early leaks for Nokia’s MeeGo phones […]

Nokia N9 MeeGo Phone Now Official


Nokia has now officially taken the wraps off of the N9 phone after numerous leaks and speculations. The MeeGo-powered smartphone, unlike early rumors, will feature a slate design, eschewing the sliding keyboard in favor of thinness. Referred to by codename Lankku, the Nokia N9 features a 3.9-inch curved Clear Black Display with AMOLED technology featuring […]

Nokia N9 Surfaces Ahead of Official Announcement (Photos)

Nokia N9

It’s assumed that Nokia’s MeeGo powered N9 will be announced tomorrow at CommunicAsia 2011 and ahead of that launch, it has surfaced in both some press shots and a couple of leaked images showing off its touchscreen design. It looks like the N9 will be a slim, touchscreen-only device which will be powered by MeeGo […]

MeeGo-Powered Nokia N9 to Be Called Nokia N950


According to a film company, which tweeted that it is working on a film promo with Nokia on a MeeGo-powered N950, the oft-rumored Nokia N9 may be launched as the Nokia N950 smartphone this summer. Film company Arguelles tweeted, “This week #Arguelles began filming #Nokia spot in @ArguellesPics. For the new ‘Nokia N950′ touch screen […]

Nokia Rumored to Announce MeeGo Developer Device in June

Nokia n9

A tipster to The Nokia Blog says that Nokia is gearing up to introduce a MeeGo-based device to developers in June, about a few weeks after the MeeGo Conference happening later this month in San Francisco, California. If true, it’s unclear as to why the device will not be released to hopeful MeeGo developers at […]

Nokia Seeking FCC Approval for Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone


The Nokia N9, which is a MeeGo-powered smartphone, had previously been rumored to come with a landscape-oriented tilting keyboard and screen mechanism similar to the Symbian^3-powered Nokia E7 handset, though recent rumors are mixed on what the final shape of the device will be. Regardless, it seems that we’ll know soon enough–at least by June […]