AViiQ Smart Case a Sharp Companion to iPad Smart Cover, Too Sharp

AViiQ Smart Case protects the back while using the iPad 2 Smart Cover

UPDATE: AViiQ informed us after reading this review that they will be smoothing the sharp edges of the Smart Case. As you read the following review keep that in mind that our chief complaint will be dealt with in a couple of weeks. The AViiQ Smart Case is designed as a companion for the Apple […]

Fathers Day 2011: Tech & Gadget Gifts for Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide - Mimobots

With Father’s Day right around the corner we wanted to give you a look at the hottest Father’s Day gifts for dad’s that love technology, gadgets, cameras and more. Dad doesn’t need to be a geek to appreciate these incredibly cool Father’s Day gifts, but it will help. You can head over to Notebooks.com for the full […]

7 Money Saving Apps for Android and iPhone


You may not be able to save thousands like I did when I got my iPad, but using a smartphone to find good prices and the best deals is a smart way to save money, a precious commodity anytime, but especially in today’s economic environment. Here are seven money saving apps you iPhone and Android. Using all […]

Memorial Day Weekend Deals on iPad, iPhone Games

Supremecy Wars HD for iPad

In case you forgot, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and that means that a ton of stuff is going to be on sale on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad owners.  We here at GBM want to keep you guys covered so here’s a rundown of all the stuff that is currently […]

The Best iPad and iPad 2 Apps [May 2011]


Are you looking for some amazing new iPad and iPad 2 apps? We’ve collected our favorite apps for May 2011 which you need to have on your iPad. These apps will help you stay on task, relax, take photos and stay in the know. Some of these apps are new, while others are old favorites […]

Playboy for iPad Launching Uncensored on May 18th

PlayBook for iPad

The one and only Hugh Hefner has taken to Twitter and announced that a complete and uncensored version of Playboy magazine will be hitting the iPad on May 18th. He had originally told iPad owners that it would arrive at some point in March however it apparently encountered some delays which, if Hefner is correct […]

The Toddy Cleans My iPad Screen in Style – Stylish Cleaning Cloth

The Toddy microfiber cleaning cloth

Named for its creator and not an old-fashioned hot drink, The Toddy is a simple microfiber cleaning cloth for touch screens and other special surfaces that don’t do well when wiped with typical cloths that could scratch. There isn’t too much to a microfiber cleaning cloth. If it cleans it’s a win and if it doesn’t it’s […]

How My iPad Made Me Hate Paper and Helped Me Save Over $15,000


I hate paper! It is everywhere but thanks in part to my iPad I don’t want to use it anywhere, except maybe the bathroom and dining room. So I’m gonna show you a few ways that my iPad has made me hate paper while saving literally thousands of dollars. Speaker Notes As a preacher I […]

HBO Go Now Available for Android, iPhone and iPad


After a long wait, HBO has finally released its much anticipated HBO Go application that is available for Android users, iPhone owners and yes, iPad owners as well. Of course, the application is only good if you are an HBO subscriber so those of you that ditched cable are going to be out of luck. […]

Apple iPad 2 Hitting 12 More Countries This Week

iPad 2

Apple has confirmed that its iPad 2 tablet will be heading to 12 more countries this week, a list that includes Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Japan is going to see the iPad 2 launch on Thursday while the rest of the […]

ZooGue iPad 2 Case Has Smart Cover Sleep Wake Function

ZG iPad2

As expected we are seeing a slew of iPad 2 cases, but few are like the ZooGue iPad 2 Case Genius Black Leather case because it has the built-in sleep wake function that the Apple Smart Cover employs. This feature uses magnets to automatically wakes the iPad 2 from sleep mode when the case is […]

Spike Lee Shoots President Obama with an iPad

Spike Lee photographs President Barak Obama with iPad 2

Let’s say you are a world-class film maker and you are about to meet the leader of the free world. You might want to catch the moment on video for your own personal memories and even to share with fans of your work. At the very least you will want to get a high quality […]

iPad 2 to Launch in 13 More Countries Next Week

iPad 2

During yesterday’s earnings call, Apple’s COO Tim Cook announced that the company was going to be launching the iPad 2 in 13 more countries starting next week. The tidbit managed to slip by as most of the focus rested on Apple’s record breaking iPhone sales numbers for Q2 of 2011 which represented a 113 percent […]

iPad 2 Online Shipping Times Drop to 1-2 Weeks in U.S.

iPad 2

Apple has dropped the shipping delays of its iPad 2 to the lowest point that it has been since the device launched last month. Stock issues had shipping times as high as 4-5 weeks and it appears that Apple has solved them as the device is now listed as shipping in 1-2 weeks in the […]

iPad Will Dominate Till at Least 2015


The Apple iPad will dominate the tablet market for a few more years, according to Gartner analysts. A release from the research firm says that because of the iPad, Apple will dominate the tablet space till at least 2015 when compared to other tablet operating systems. The other operating systems include Android, MeeGo which is […]