This is How iPad Text Entry Should Be in iOS 6 (Video)


Entering and editing long blocks of data on the iPad is tiresome and time consuming. Apple could change the way we edit text with iOS 6, and if they do I hope Apple is watching this amazing iPad keyboard demo. Instead of taping and holding or using the magnifying glass, Daniel Hooper’s iPad prototype keyboard uses gestures and methods to insert text, select text […]

Parallels Mobile Updated With New Features and Retina Display Support

Parallels Mobile

Parallels Mobile, the app that lets users control Parallels on their desktop, now supports the Retina Display on the new iPad along with a few other features. Parallels explained the new feature in a blog post. Among the new features is the ability to view Flash websites through any web browser. The new app can […]

New iPad Shipping Times Improve to 3-5 Days in US

New iPad Shipping Times Improve to 3-5 Days in US

Shipping times for Apple’s new third-generation iPad have improved to three to five days in the United States, marking the first time the new slate has shipped out in under a week since launch back on March 16th. Apple’s latest iPad has seen shipping delays since it arrived less than two months ago. At the […]

Moms Want iPads Instead of Flowers for Mother’s Day

Moms Want iPads Instead of Flowers

A new survey says that mothers want tech for Mother’s Day, and most of them want an iPad over everything else. The survey comes from TechBargain, so the results obviously going to skew towards tech. In the survey, 91 percent of mothers said they’d prefer an iPad to flowers for Mother’s Day. We assume the […]

iPads Are Mostly Used Indoors, Says Study

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

A recent study says that while there is an option for 3G and 4G LTE on the new iPad, an overwhelming majority of users use their iPads inside. According to a recent Actix study, 95 percent of all iPad usage is indoors. Even users with iPads that support 3G or 4G LTE use their devices […]

Skype 4.0 Arrives for iPhone and iPad

Skype 4.0 Arrives for iPhone and iPad

Skype has updated its Skype app for iPhone and iPad today bringing the version of the application to Skype 4.0 and adding a number of improvements over the last version of the software. The update comes to both the iPhone and the iPad but also comes to users who are still in possession of an […]

New iPad Arrives in Nine More Countries

New iPad Arrives in Nine More Countries

Apple’s new third-generation iPad has launched in nine new countries today bringing its availability up to 57 total markets around the world. First launched back in March, Apple’s new iPad has, once again, helped Apple to outpace every other tablet on the market with the company selling nearly 12 million iPads last quarter. It’s unclear […]

NHL PrePlay Lets You Experience the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs on iPad


At my house watching sports and using your iPad go together so Molson Canadian NHL PrePlay wants to take advantage of this phenomena with an interesting companion app that lets you use your hockey knowledge and prognostication skills while you watch the Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you’re a hockey fan, then you’re likely to watch […]

Google Drive Doesn’t Work with iPad, iPhone

Google Drive iPhone iPad - video fail

Google latest product doesn’t yet work with the iPhone or iPad, limiting its usefulness for those that use Apple’s devices, but rely on Google’s services. You can do some things via Safari on iPad/iPhone, but if you hit play on video files you’ll get an alert to update Adobe Flash, which can’t run on iOS […]

iHome iDM5 Turns iPad Into a Desktop and Stereo System


iHome announced the iHome iDM5, a new iPad accessory that turns your iPad into a desktop computer and a stereo audio system. The question is, “Does anyone want to do this?” iHome makes a bunch of audio docks and speaker systems for iOS devices mostly, although they offer systems compatible with Android and other devices […]

10 iPad and iPhone Apps for Traveling Preschoolers

Transportation Jigsaw Puzzle 123 for iPad

Here are 10 iPhone and iPad apps we recommend parents use to keep preschoolers entertained during long trips. Of course a preschooler doesn’t really ‘need’ an iPad, but many parents can attest to the fact that iPads can make travelling more enjoyable for everyone. Read: Tech Toys for Toddlers Finding the right educational games and […]

Apple’s App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

Apple's App Store Now Home to Over 200,000 iPad Apps

During its Q2 earnings call today, Apple confirmed that its App Store now boasts over 600,000 applications and that 200,000 of those are applications specifically designed for the company’s tablet device, the iPad. The company also confirmed that the App Store as a whole generated $1.9 billion in revenue during the quarter although the company […]

Google Drive for iPhone and iPad Coming Soon

Google Drive iOS App Coming Soon

Earlier today, Google finally unleashed its cloud storage service, Google Drive. And while the application has been released for Android users on the Google Play Store, the company failed to launch a dedicated Google Drive iOS application for iPhone and iPad users. According to Google though, the application is close to completion and should be […]

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple Sold 35 Million iPhones and Nearly 12 Million iPads in Q2

Apple has released its fiscal Q2 results today, which include sales figures for both the iPhone and the iPad, and the figures are unexpectedly big. Over the March quarter, the Cupertino-based company posted $39.2 billion in revenue with a net profit of $11.6 billion. Those figures are way up from the same quarter a year […]

Dead Pixels Mar New iPad Retina Display (Photos)

Why I'm Returning My iPad

Up until this past weekend, I had not had any major problems with my new iPad. My first two weeks with it were smooth and my first month with the third-generation model made the upgrade from the iPad 2 more than worth it. However, over the weekend, I ran into the first major issue that […]

Spotify for iPad Is ‘In The Works’

Spotify for iPad Is 'In The Works'

There had been speculation that the Spotify for iPad application could be announced today at an event in New York City. That did not happen but the company’s CEO Daniel Ek did confirm that the application is ‘in the works.’ Ek’s comments, according to Engadget, were made in response to a question about the company’s […]

A Month with Apple’s New iPad

New iPad Now Shipping in 5-7 Days

On March 16th, FedEx delivered Apple’s new iPad to my doorstep. Two weeks after that, I offered up my first impressions of the device. So far, so good. And now, after a month of using the third-generation iPad, it’s time to relay some of the experiences I’ve had with my new tablet. Just to be […]

iPad Mini Coming in Q3 with Sub-$300 Price?

iPad Mini Coming in Q3 with Sub-$300 Price Tag?

Apple is rumored to be working on a smaller version of its iPad tablet and according to a new report, the company will launch the device sometime during the third quarter of 2012 with a price tag under $300. The rumor comes from Chinese website NetEase, courtesy of Kotaku, and it states that Apple is […]

Spotify for iPad Leaks, Coming Next Week?

Spotify for iPad

It appears that Spotify might be gearing up to release an iPad version of its mobile software as a photo of what purportedly is the upcoming app has leaked out. The photo, leaked by Swedish technology consultant Statigram, courtesy of 9to5Mac, depicts what appears to be a Spotify for iPad application in the wild. The […]