Tablets and Simplicity: The Cloud


Last week I started a series on how Tablets help me with my quest for simplicity. As I said in this post, the quest isn’t one that finds me actively searching for some sort of simple holy grail. Rather, solutions often find me as I test new Apps and new solutions. Tablets promise a new […]

Evernote is Worth a Billion Dollars


Evernote is the latest Silicon Valley company to hit the $1 billion valuation mark after raising a reported $100 million.  I’m not a venture capitalist, but from a user’s point of view I can certainly understand why Evernote deserves to be in the billion dollar club. Evernote’s primary product helps people take notes and remember […]

Free Evernote Premium for College Students

Evernote Premium

Evernote is a great tool for students, and the note tracking and syncing service is even better for college students who can get a free year of Evernote Premium. Evernote Premium adds a number of great features to the Evernote service, many of which college students will find as helpful as business professionals. Students with […]

Top 10 Writing Apps For the iPad (Video)

iPad Writing Apps

The iPad is a great tool for writing, blogging and note-taking with the right tools. I use my iPad to write on a regular basis, and these apps make it possible to get work done on the iPad, even replacing a laptop on short trips. The key to content creation, note taking and writing on the iPad […]

Evernote for Android Adds Speech-to-Text For Ice Cream Sandwich

Evernote for Android speech-to-text

Evernote updated its Android app to version 3.6, adding support for speech-to-text and new widget options that let you customize your Evernote experience. The new speech-to-text feature uses Google’s text transcription for Android, which means it should work as well as text transcription elsewhere on the device. The feature will put words into a note […]

Evernote for iOS Updated to Support iPad’s Retina Display

Evernote for iOS Updated to Support iPad's Retina Display

Evernote has announced that it has updated its iOS application to support the new iPad’s Retina Display, just a day before the device lands on the doorsteps of  those who pre-ordered on announcement day. The developer has been hard at work getting the application ready for the arrival of the new gadget and from the […]

March of the iOS App Updates Begins with Kindle and Evernote


You knew it was coming and it appears it is already beginning. The big feature for the new iPad is the stunning/outrageous/amazing/awesome/astounding/pick your adjective from the early reviews high definition display. And of course that means those of us who have been using an iPad or iPad 2 are in for a slew of updates […]

Evernote and Skitch Now Available As Dolphin Browser Add-ons

Evernote and Skitch Dolphin Browser add-ons

Users of Evernote and Skitch now have even more reasons to ditch the stock browser. Dolphin now has adds-ons for both apps which will integrate more of their functionality into the browser. Power users will appreciate the ability to draw or scribble on web content and clip web pages easier. And, since they’re add-ons, you […]

Evernote Releases Skitch for iPad


Skitch is a popular screen capture an annotation utility that I use all the time on my Mac. I like it quite a bit. Evernote recently bought Skitch and it looks like that acquisition is going to pay off for users of Skitch and Evernote in the long run. Now Evernote has released Skitch as […]

20 Must Have Apps for the Kindle Fire


The Amazon Kindle Fire flew off store shelves and Amazon’s warehouses since its launch last month, and should be one hot gift this holiday season. If you got a Fire or hope to be getting one for Christmas, then be sure to download these apps after you tear open the box. Our staff came up […]

Remember the People You Meet With Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello App

If you’re anything like me, meeting a person for the second time can be a frustrating experience. I love meeting people, but I am horrible with putting names and faces together. From tech writers at CES to the students I teach and even extended family, I can’t put names to faces. Thankfully, there’s an app […]

Clearly from Evernote Streamlines Online Reading

Evernote Clearly

If you hate the clutter that comes with most online reading, you should check out the new tool from Evernote called Clearly. Clearly works similar to the mobiel Webzine and Reader options in Dolphin and Safari, but on your big screen. Clearly is a Chrome browser extension which turns your online reading into a well laid out […]

Grab Evernote Premium and a Sweet Evernote T-Shirt for $40

Evernote Premum and tshirt

It’s pretty clear that we are big fans of Evernote around here, and I have personally been using it for over two years to make sure I don’t forget ideas, dreams, cool gadgets I want and much more. I’ve been using the free version of Evernote, but today I couldn’t resist and bought Evernote Premium, […]

Tools for the Digital Pack Rat


Nothing lasts forever. Including things we wish would indeed last forever. Accidents happen, things get misplaced. Technology fails. But in the digital age there are ways to give yourself some piece of mind when it comes to storing content that contains memories and things you’d like to hang on to. I’ve always been a pack […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Review: Working With The Stylus

ThinkPad Tablet and Stylus

Hardware-wise, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is similar to other Honeycomb tablets on the surface — same CPU, RAM, display resolution, and basic functionality — which is why there’s so much intense interest in one of the features that makes it stand out: the stylus. This isn’t the first Android tablet to come with a pen, […]

10 Ways Smartphones Save You Time and Money


Switching to a smartphone is a big deal, not only are there new things to learn, but there’s the added cost of a data plan to factor into the decision. Currently Verizon is offering a $100 gift card to customers who upgrade from a dumbphone to a smartphone, which has led to a lot of […]

CamiApp For iOS Digitizes Written Notes, Works With Evernote And Dropbox

CamiApp Editing

Digital note-taking systems have evolved to the point where they can truly replace pen and paper, but what if you’re still a pen and paper type of person? Keeping a notebook for jotting down thoughts is a habit that’s hard to break, and even Evernote’s manifold attractions can’t make up for less than elegant phone […]

15 Back to School iPad Apps

Evernote Peek Turns iPad Into a Study Tool

For students heading off to school in the next few days and weeks, toting an iPad might make you the envy of the class. It also ensures that you have some great tools to make the Dean’s List. There are numerous free apps for those on a budget, as well as excellent paid apps that […]