iOS and iPhone Timeline: From iPhone to iOS 5 in 5 Years

iPhone 3G goes on Sale

Since the introduction in 2007, the iPhone has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, the largest app store, a tightly controlled but beautiful iOS operating system and yearly upgrades to the iPhone. As we approach WWDC 2011 where Apple will announce iOS 5 and may announce an iPhone 5 or may not announce […]

Google Updates iOS Google Books App

Pastebot 2011-04-05 12.34.42 PM

Google has released an update to its iOS Google Books App . It is a universal App and the features mentioned in the update include landscape mode for the iPad, easier access to the Google eBooks Store, 3D page turning  on the iPad with iOS 4.3 running, and speed improvements as well as other under […]

Further Hints of Photo Stream Social Feature Found in iOS 5


There are now further hints of a social photo stream feature was found inside iOS 5. An iPhone 4 user had reported that there are reference to Photo Stream photo albums on iOS 4.3 on an iPhone 4, but those references were not visible to users in the Photos app but were revealed by links […]

iPad 2 Now Jailbroken by Developers

iPad 2 Jailbreak

Developers have already managed to jailbreak the iPad 2, though at this point a date for a public release of the jailbreak solution is not yet available for consumers who have adopted Apple’s second-generation tablet. The process of jailbreaking, which opens up the tablet and the iOS operating system environment to functions and capabilities beyond […]

How to Turn an iPhone Into a Personal Hotspot (AT&T only)


For AT&T users who have upgraded to iOS 4.3 on their iPhone 4, the new Wi-Fi hotspot tethering feature is now available. With it, users can use their iPhone’s 3G connection as an Internet source for other devices. Hook it up to your computer, iPad, iPod Touch, an iPhone with a lower data plan, or […]

The iPad: 11 Months In and Getting Ready for iPad 2


It seems appropriate on some level to talk about my iPad usage after spending the last 11 months with the device now that we are on the cusp of the newer iPad 2 getting into consumer’s hands as early as tomorrow. I do plan on ordering an iPad 2 and moving forward with that platform […]

Why Storage Capacity Matters When You Buy the iPad 2


Xavier had posted a great guide on the various iPad 2 configurations that you may purchase come 5 PM on March 11th along with some of the considerations for those with an iPad 1 who may be on the fence about upgrading. For those who are ready to upgrade or make the jump into the […]

iOS 4.3 now available


Previously slated for release on March 11 and subject to rumors of early release pretty much since its announcement, people syncing their iDevices have found iOS 4.3 is ready for download. Quick, everybody else plug in your iStuff now and let’s see if we can crash the servers!

How to Speed Up that iOS 4.3 Upgrade


I blogged about this the last time there was an iOS update but it is probably a good reminder to do it again given the rumors circulating that iOS 4.3 may come today. If not, it will certainly be here later this week when the iPad 2 is released. Keep in mind that iOS 4.3 […]

BGR: iOS 4.3 Will Be Released Today


Take this as speculation but Boy Genius Report is saying that iOS 4.3 will be released at 10AM PT time today. Who knows if that’s true or not. The post also says that the Personal Hotspot feature that has been reported as limiting connections to three devices can go up to five but it is […]

iPhone 4.3 Mobile Hotspot To Be LImited to 3 Devices on AT&T?


According to this slide dug up by Engadget it looks like AT&T is going to limit the Mobile Hotspot feature coming in iOS 4.3 to three devices. Intriguing and yet not entirely surprising even thought every other mobile carrier in the world that allows a mobile hotspot feature allows up to five devices to be […]

iPad 2: I Want Wireless Mirroring, Not an HDMI Adapter

iPad 2 Airplay

The iPad 2’s optional HDMI adapter is a big leap forward for sharing content, but this solution is not as good as I’d hoped for. I wish Apple’s ‘hobby’ could be used in conjunction with the iPad 2 rather than the HDMI adapter. The Apple TV (the hobby) is only $99 and is the piece […]

Thoughts on the Apple iPad 2 Announcement

The iPad 2

I just finished watching the streaming version of Apple’s iPad 2 announcement. Too bad they didn’t stream the actual thing live. But then perhaps that fits with the expectation mindset that says this was to be an incremental upgrade. Well if the iPad 2 is an incremental upgrade it is one that basically trumped any […]

iPhone 4 Becomes a Personal WiFi Hotspot with iOS 4.3


Apple’s Steve Jobs today announced that the iPhone 4 will be able to double as a personal WiFi hotspot with the introduction of iOS 4.3. Currently, iPhone 4 owners must tether their laptops to their phones if they want to share Internet access. This new option will make it possible to use the iPhone 4 to […]