Is the iPad In Danger of Becoming a Kleenex?

ipad-review-3-new- 7

The iPad is the number one selling tablet on the market, and the only tablet that most consumers know. This sounds great, but “iPad” Could easily replace tablet in the minds of the average consumer, just like Kleenex has become synonymous with tissue. Competitors envy Apple’s brand recognition and market dominance, but Apple is walking a fine line […]

Speck PixelSkin HD Wrap for New iPad Arrives

PixelSkin HD Wrap new iPad

iPad owners looking for the perfect case need to take note of the new PixelSkin HD case from Speck. The PixelSkin HD Wrap for the new iPad continues the tradition of great looking, slim, form-fitting cases that have made Speck cases a perennial favorite at GottaBeMobile. (Read: 35 new iPad Cases, Covers & Skins) This case adds […]

Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard Is An Awesome iPad Keyboard


The Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is an awesome bluetooth keyboard for the new iPad. Last summer K.T. Bradford reviewed the Logitech Tablet Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad, but it’s so good I had to revisit the bluetooth keyboard solution with the new iPad. This solution gives you a portable Bluetooth keyboard with excellent island style keys and […]

Apple Replacing New iPads with WiFi Problems

New iPad WiFi Issues

Apple is investigating complaints of poor WiFi performance on the new iPad. New iPad owners who cannot connect to WiFi, experience slow connections or lose connections can take the iPad to an Apple store to get a replacement. 9to5Mac shares an internal AppleCare document detailing the problem. Apple employees are to “capture” the new iPad devices with […]

What to Expect from Sprint’s 4G LTE Network

What to Expect from Sprint's 4G LTE Network

It’s finally official. Sprint, in it’s announcement regarding one its first 4G LTE devices – the LG Viper 4G LTE, confirmed that its 4G LTE network would be rolling out sometime during the month of April. The carrier did not give a specific date for the roll out only to say that it would occur […]

That iPad Battery Indicator Thing is Weird


Most of the controversies about the new iPad (HeatGate, Battery Life, etc…) seem to have become stale news now that days have passed and users are experiencing the device for themselves. Please understand that I’m not trying to re-kindle things with this post about the battery indicator. I’m still really pleased with the battery life […]

Air Display Turns Your New iPad into a Retina Display Monitor

Air Display Retina1

Air Display, a $10 app that turns your iPad into a second monitor on Mac or PC, can now take advantage of the Retina Display on the new iPad. The update allows users to use the new iPad as a 2048 x 1536 resolution display or as a HiDPI 1024 x 768 display with super sharp […]

Survey Says Consumers Love New iPad, Hate Cost and Price of 4G LTE Wireless Plans


In a newly released ChangeWave survey of 200 owners of Apple’s ‘new iPad,’ consumers overwhelmingly approve of the Apple’s third-generation iOS tablet. Overall approval rating jumped a full 8 percent from older iPad models, with 82 percent of the survey group being very satisfied with the tablet. Combined with the ‘somewhat satisfied’ category, the new […]

Facebook for iPad Gets Its Act Together with Retina Update

Facebok for iPad Gets Act Together with Retina Update

Last week, I told you about my horrible experiences with Facebook for iPad and how I hoped the issues I had been having with the software would be fixed with the app’s rumored Retina Display update. Well, that update has arrived today and the let me tell you. Facebook for iPad does, indeed look gorgeous […]

New iPad: Consumers Love Retina Display, Hate Costs

New iPad Satisfaction

The new iPad has been out for just over 2 weeks and we’ve shared our likes and dislikes of the new iPad, but now I want to share the first survey of consumer likes and dislikes of the new iPad. Changewave Research surveyed 200 new iPad owners after a week with the new iPad to find out […]

Consumer Reports Does a Back Track on new iPad

New iPad Fry an Egg

I almost expected the headline of this Consumer Reports piece to be, The New iPad is Hot, But Not Like You Think. But that would be too much irony for a Monday morning. No matter, Consumer Reports has back tracked a bit and said that those heat issues for the new iPad that got them […]

Dear Apple: Next Time Upgrade the iPad’s Front-Facing Camera

Next Time Apple, Upgrade the iPad's Front-Facing Camera

When Apple launched the iPad 2, consumers were giddy about the addition of a front-facing and rear camera on the device, something that had been missing on the original iPad. Only, the quality that either camera produced wasn’t very good, leaving many hoping for more from the third rendition of the iPad. Apple, not one […]

Facebook for iPad to Get Retina Support, But What About Bug Fixes?

Facebook for iPad to Get Retina Support, But What About Bug Fixes?

With apps gaining support for the new iPad‘s Retina Display on almost a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before we heard something about Retina Support for the iPad’s Facebook application. MacRumors has acquired an image that seems to indicate that the Retina Support is on the way which is great news […]

My Eye Doctor Hates the iPad’s Retina Display


Retina, Retina, Retina. It seems like that’s still the one of the big topics about Apple’s new iPad. I’m already on record about how I feel about the Retina display. But my eye doctor, well, I’m not sure he’ll go on the record publicly but he sure did with me. Yesterday I had an appointment […]

Ticket to Ride Retina Display Update Adds Board Game Quality Graphics

Ticket To Ride Retina Display Graphics

Ticket to Ride, one of the most popular iPad board game apps, is now the first board game app updated with Retina Display graphics. The new graphics add more details to the game’s maps and make the game easier for colorblind players. The new maps in Ticket to Ride look just like the real-world board game, […]

Two Weeks with the New iPad

Two Weeks with the New iPad

We’ve already put up our full length review of the new iPad and our own Warner Crocker hasalready given you his thoughts on the device. But, because a lot of you have been asking, I wanted to chime in with my own thoughts about Apple’s new slate. Like many of my colleagues here at GBM, […]

Apple Says The New iPad’s Battery Is Fine

New iPad

With the new iPad, there are conflicting reports as to exactly how long the battery needs to charge before being at full capacity. Many say that the new iPad’s battery isn’t at 100% until one hour or more after the battery icon indicates it is. Apple says that isn’t true. Talking to All Things D, […]