NVIDIA Shield Shipping July 31 For $299


After an initial delay, the NVIDIA Shield will now ship on July 31 for $299.99. NVIDIA announced the new shipping date for the Shield Android portable console today, claiming the device is now in full production. NVIDIA Shield was originally scheduled to ship last month, but an issue with the device caused a delay shortly […]

NVIDIA Shield Sees $50 Price Cut Before Release


Today NVIDIA announced that Shield will cost gamers $50 less than originally announced, bringing the Android console closer to other handheld consoles. The NVIDIA Shield will now cost $299 instead of the original $349 price. The new price brings the Android console closer to the price of the Sony PlayStation Vita, which currently sells for […]

NVIDIA Tegra 4i Is Ready For Faster LTE Networks

NVIDIA Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i

NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i smartphone processor is already capable of handling LTE-Advanced networks that carriers will start rolling out this year to give users even faster data speeds. According to The Verge NVIDIA recently debuted its new LTE-Advanced using the same chipset as the first version of the Tegra 4i. NVIDIA is able to use the […]

NVIDIA Shield Now Available For Pre-order For $350, Ships June 4


Earlier this week NVIDIA announced that pre-orders for the NVIDIA Shield would start on May 20, but the company instead decided to start taking pre-orders for the Android portable console today. The NVIDIA Shield is now available for pre-order for $349.99 from NVIDIA, GameStop, NewEgg and Canada Computer. NVIDIA’s store doesn’t commit to a shipping […]

NVIDIA Shield Coming In June For $350, Pre-Orders Start May 20


Months after its unveil, NVIDIA Shield finally drops the “project” from its name and gets a price tag of $349.99. NVIDIA Shield will start shipping in June with pre-orders starting May 20. Those who signed up to get more information about NVIDIA Shield, however, can pre-order the Android portable console today through a link sent […]

NVIDIA Will Continue Supporting Windows RT with Tegra 4 Devices


NVIDIA will continue its support of Microsoft’s Windows RT, Microsoft’s lightweight operating system for devices that use ARM processors. That’s according to an executive who spoke to ComputerWorld about the direction the company thinks computing is going, a direction that includes a market shift towards Windows RT tablets in the future. “NVIDIA is very invested […]

HP Planning High-End SlateBook 10 X2 Android Tablet?

Windows 8-powered HP Envy X2 tablet with keyboard dock

After having recently introduced a more budget oriented Slate 7 Android tablet, it looks like PC-maker HP will try its hand at the more premium segment with a high-end SlateBook 10 X2 tablet. According to benchmarks that were captured from AnTuTu and reported by German site TabTech, the SlateBook 10 X2 will have a 10-inch display, quad-core […]

NVIDIA Shows Off Next Generation Tablet Graphics, Compares to iPads


During a recent investor’s meeting NVIDIA showed a video detailing the graphical capabilities of next-generation Tegra processors with Kepler technology, and VentureBeat managed to grab a short video of the presentation. The video compares the graphics of the current fourth generation iPad to the Kepler graphics NVIDIA will bring to its next generation of Tegra […]

NVIDIA To Fix Car Entertainment System Complaints with Faster Chips


NVIDIA recently announced the Jetson Automotive Development Kit. NVIDIA claims that this kit is the “Future of Automotive Innovation.” It is a full-featured development platform that anyone can order today to assist developing in-car entertainment and safety systems. Utilizing CUDA technology, which harnesses the power for the GPU to perform computational calculations, the GPU power available […]

NVIDIA Announces New Mobile GPUs That Could Come To Future MacBooks


NVIDIA recently announced a new lineup of mobile graphics chips which will come to future laptops, possibly including the next generation of MacBooks. The new NVIDIA GeForce 700M Series will bring faster, more efficient graphics to future laptops. The new chips bring features from NVIDIA’s current line of desktop graphics chips to notebooks, including the […]

Nvidia Updates Tegra RoadMap: More Performance, Better Battery Life

NVIDIA 2014-2015 Tegra roadmap

Today at its annual GPU Conference NVDIA outlined its roadmap for the next two years, including some details about the next two generations of Tegra processors that will likely power smartphones and tablets in 2014 and 2015. The next generation of NVIDIA Tegra processors currently carries the code-name Logan (a reference to Wolverine of the […]

NVIDIA Shows Popular Game Riptide GP 2 Running on Project Shield

NVIDIA Project Shield Riptide GP 2

A new video from NVIDIA shows off the new Riptide GP2 running on a Project Shield handheld gaming device with enhanced graphics, thanks to its Tegra 4 processor. Riptide GP 2 is the sequel to the popular water racing game that’s currently available on both Android and iOS. The sequel to the game features enhanced […]

NVIDIA Tegra 4 Benchmarks Show Incredible Speed

NVIDIA Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i

A set of new benchmarks of the upcoming NVIDIA Tegra 4 show the chip is a big improvement over the previous iteration the Tegra 3. Engadget recorded the benchmarks at Mobile World Congress from a reference Tegra 4 tablet NVIDIA had on display at the show. The publication then compared those numbers to similar benchmarks […]

NVIDIA Announces Tegra 4i Processor With Integrated 4G LTE

NVIDIA Tegra 4i Phoenix reference

Today NVIDIA introduced its newest processor for smartphones, the Tegra 4i, the first Tegra processor to include a 4G LTE radio. While the new NVIDIA Tegra 4i shares the same number as the Tegra 4, it is not the same as the chip NVIDIA will use in Project Shield. Instead of four Cortex A15 cores […]

NVIDIA Plays Dead on Arrival 2 on Project Shield


In a new video showcasing its new Project Shield console NVIDIA demos the upcoming zombie shooter Dead on Arrival 2. In its latest video showing off Android games on Project Shield NVIDIA shows part of the upcoming Dead on Arrival 2 complete with Tegra-enhanced graphics. Like the original Dead on Arrival, Dead on Arrival 2 […]

NVIDIA Will Ship Tegra 4 in May, Project Shield by July

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

Yesterday during his company’s earnings call NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said the company will start to ship Tegra 4 chips to manufacturers in fiscal Q2 2014 which begins in May, according to Xbit Labs. Huang said the company will ship Tegra 4 chips to its partners early in its second financial quarter. That means companies […]

NVIDIA Shows Project Shield Playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

In its latest video of Project Shield NVIDIA shows the upcoming Android game console playing the PC version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The new video shows Need For Speed: Most Wanted streaming from a Falcon Northwest Tiki PC, the same PC the company showed playing Borderlands 2 last week. Because the PC has a […]

NVIDIA Shows Project Shield Playing Borderlands 2

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

NVIDIA’s Project Shield doesn’t have a release date yet, but starting this week the company will tease gamers on its blog by showing how well the mobile gaming device can play PC games. The first video in NVIDIA’s PC Monday series of videos shows the Project Shield console streaming a game of Borderlands 2 from […]

NViDIA Rumored to Lead Push for Better, Cheap Android Phones & Tablets


NVIDIA may get into the smartphone and tablet manufacturing market, but it won’t sell its devices directly to consumers. The Mobile Review, by way of Unwired View, claims NVIDIA is planning to make reference designs which are manufactured by smaller regional companies without the NVIDIA name attached. According to the report NVIDIA will make its own devices […]

Hands On With NVIDIA Project Shield

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

Project Shield is NVIDIA’s first attempt at creating its own mobile device, and after a few minutes with the device it seems like an impressive first effort. Holding the NVIDIA Shield feels a lot like holding a game controller like the Xbox 360 or Dreamcast controller. It’s somewhat large, but still easy to hold, and […]