ZTE to Debut 5-Inch Grand S Phablet at CES


*+-ZTE will be the latest smartphone-maker to push the 5-inch barrier with rumors that the Chinese company will introduce a Grand S model at the Consumer Electronics Show in less than a month. The Grand S will be a 5-inch smartphone with a 1080p full HD resolution display. In the past, ZTE has been rumored […]

Sony Yuga Phablet Rumored to Have Tablet-Like Power, Storage


*+-Sony’s much rumored Yuga phablet, which is said to be joining the company’s Odin phablet model, is now described to have powerful specs matching and besting some of the popular high-end dedicated tablet models of today and the Yuga will certainly best the best-in-breed phablet devices currently available on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy […]

Galaxy Note 3 Said to Up Note 2 with a Massive 6.3-inch Display in 2013

Galaxy Note 2 getting bigger with Galaxy Note 3

*+-The Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly dwarf the Galaxy Note 2 with a 6.3-inch display that may cross the bounds from phablet to tablet in 2013. The Galaxy Note 3 rumor comes from the Korea Times, which claims Samsung is working on a larger Galaxy Note for 2013. If the Korea Times’ source is correct, […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Multi-Window View


*+-One of the coolest features of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is the Multi-Window View feature, which allows the 5.5-inch phablet to run two apps side-by-side simultaneously. This really takes multitasking to the next level as it allows users to juggle tasks efficiently without having to enter and close applications to switch between apps. The feature […]

ZTE Nubia Z5 1080p HD Phablet Shows Up in Press Photo


*+-ZTE’s high-end 5-inch Nubia Z5 phablet has popped up in a press photo showing off the device’s 1080p HD resolution screen. The press image shows a white edition of the Nubia Z5, which when released is expected to compete with devices like the HTC Droid DNA, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Oppo Find 5, […]

A Phablet Owner’s Wishlist for Android 5.0: Forced Tablet UIs


*+-Over the last few years, Google has made great strides in bringing a great user experience to the smartphone and to the tablet. With the debut of the Motorola Xoom almost two years ago, Google debuted Android 3.0, which for the first time brought the Android OS to the big screen officially with a new […]

Oppo to Bring Find 5 Phablet to U.S. Market for $500 Unlocked


*+-Oppo had recently announced that its 5-inch Find 5 phablet will be coming to the U.S. market for just $500 unlocked, which will net you a GSM device without any pesky two-year contracts. The device features a lot of notable high-end specs and will be compatible with HSPA+ networks from major carriers T-Mobile USA and […]

Verizon Finally Begins Shipping Galaxy Note II


*+-If you’re a Verizon customer looking to join the 5 million owners of Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note II, then you’re in luck as the carrier of your choice has started shipping the device, which is scheduled to arrive to customers who pre-ordered by Thursday. According to a report on blog Phone Arena, select customers […]

Did the Entry-Level Samsung Galaxy Grand Phablet Just Get Benchmarked?

Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 8.46.25 PM

*+-With the success of larger screen devices such as the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II, Samsung may be pushing into the entry-level space with the same phablet form factor. It looks like the leaked Samsung Galaxy Grand phablet, an entry-level device with specs such as a lower resolution WVGA display spread out over […]

HTC: HTC Deluxe DLX Phablet Not Coming to Europe


*+-It looks like the leaked HTC Deluxe (DLX) phablet with a 5-inch display that was previously leaked won’t be arriving in Europe after all according to a Facebook posting by HTC Germany. The HTC Deluxe, which was also known by its codename of HTC DLX, appears to be a close cousin of the Japan-only HTC […]

Sony’s 5-Inch Full HD 1080p Phablets Bring Most Compact Dimensions


*+-Sony has promised that it will come out with even more compelling devices, having conceded that it has so far not done enough to capture market share away from Samsung and Apple, in the future. Those compelling devices may be in the form of the oft-leaked Sony Yuga and Sony Odin, both 5-inch smartphones with […]

Droid Does ‘Droid DNA’ on Verizon’s Web Portal

Screen Shot 2012-11-11 at 8.01.12 PM

*+-It looks like the HTC Droid DNA‘s launch is all but confirmed by U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless as the oft-rumored smartphone has been mentioned on Verizon’s DroidDoes.com web portal that highlights the various Droid-branded smartphone models. The 5-inch smartphone will be the first phablet-class device to launch with a full 1080p HD resolution display and […]

Oppo Find 5 Phablet Gains Extra Girth in Production


*+-The Oppo Find 5, considered to be a 5-inch phablet with specs to rival the much rumored HTC Droid DNA for Verizon Wireless, has now entered production and the company’s CEO has confirmed that it will be slightly thicker than previously anticipated. Rather than the 6.9 mm thickness of the prototype, Oppo now says that […]

ZTE Preps 3 New Windows Phone 8 Smartphones, 1 With 1080p Full HD Display


*+-It looks like ZTE is prepping at least three new Windows Phone 8 smartphones to challenge Nokia, HTC, and Samsung in this space. The phones, scheduled for launch next year in 2013, will cover the gamut with a high-end, a mid-range, and an entry-level offering with a Windows Phone 7.8 operating system. The images posted […]

Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: The Perfect Pocket Notebook Replacement


*+-With the release of the original Galaxy Note, Samsung became the leader in the phablet market with the 5.3-inch smartphone that controversially straddles the smartphone and the tablet market with its large but portable display. Now, with the Note II, Samsung is continuing to refine its presence in this market that it helped popularize. And while […]

Leaked HTC DLX Phablet Appears for Verizon Wireless


*+-It’s been long rumored that Verizon Wireless may be the beneficiary to a high-end 5-inch Android phablet made by HTC, and now that HTC had announced the J Butterfly, it seems that Verizon may be bringing a variant of the high-end smartphone to its 4G LTE network in the form of the DLX. Leaked photos […]