Pixelmator for iPad Review

pixelmator for ipad effects

When Apple introduced the iPad Air 2 in fall 2014, Apple invited Pixelmator on stage to demo their awesome new iPad image and graphics app. Pixelmator for iPad brings the powerful editing and image manipulation of the OS X version to the iPad. Photographers might wonder if the $5 app offers enough features and tools to […]

Amazing iPhone & iPad Photo Apps Bring Magic to Mobile

photohop mix content aware feature

Adobe announced a slew of updates and new products for creative photography professionals and enthusiasts including updates to Creative Cloud, a new version of Lightroom mobile that adds the iPhone to the iOS version that already ran on an iPad, and a new photo editing app for the iPad called Photoshop Mix. Add in a […]

Adobe Photoshop Black Friday Deal Arrives for Just $10 a Month

photoshop photography program

Adobe chose to offer its expensive Photoshop Photography Program, part of their Cloud Creative service. The Photography Program includes Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Behance and online storage. Adobe lowered the normal price of $29.99/month to just $10/month for the next two weeks as a digital Black Friday deal for the powerful image editing and photo organization […]

Adobe Brings Photoshop to a Pocket Near You


Having long been available for Android and iPad tablets, Adobe is now bringing its Photoshop Touch photo editing program to the smartphone. Now, Photoshop Touch for Phone will be available for Android smartphones and to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. With a download cost of $5 via Apple’s iTunes App Store and Google’s Play Store, […]

Adobe Creative Cloud Now Available, Creative Suite Finally Affordable

Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 3.46.56 PM

Every one of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications is now available for as low as $29.99 per month. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a new subscription service that charges a flat monthly fee rather than forcing creatives to pay up to $2,599 for a box full of DVDs. Adobe’s Creative Suite includes industry-standard applications such as Photoshop, […]

Why I Signed Up for Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe released Creative Suite CS6, updating its awesome creative software for professionals and serious enthusiasts. Instead of going out to buy a full version of CS6 or an upgrade license Adobe customers can do something completely different for the first time. Every other year I update to the newest version of Photoshop taking advantage of my […]

Adobe Creative Suite 6 On Sale Today, Creative Cloud Launches May 11

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe is now selling Adobe Creative Suite 6, the latest version of Adobe’s creative products for professionals. Commonly known as CS6, the new suite of Adobe software is available for Mac OS X and PC. The cloud solution, which Adobe calls Adobe Creative Cloud, won’t arrive until May 11th. Adobe Creative Suite 6 is available in a […]

Try Photoshop CS6 Beta For Free – Explore 5 Great New Features


Adobe announced Photoshop CS6 today, the next version of the popular and iconic photo editing tool. The new version of Photoshop won’t arrive until later this year, likely this summer, but you don’t have to wait until July to try Photoshop CS6 for yourself. Adobe is offering a free Photoshop CS6 beta that anyone can […]

Photoshop Touch Brings Photo Editing Magic to the iPad 2 (Video)

Photoshop Touch iPad

Photoshop Touch, a finger friendly version of Adobe’s Photoshop software tool launches on the iPad 2 today, bringing a collection of easy to use features and tools to your iPad 2 for $9.99. Photoshop Touch goes further than simple photo editing apps, allowing users to make use of Photoshop layers, even moving the project to […]

Mind Blowing Photoshop CS6 Demo Video


Photoshop CS6 is all about the wow factor, and this new demo is no different. Instead spending hours to move an object from one spot in your photo to another, it takes seconds. Better yet, it’s so simple even you and I can do it. If you’ve ever wanted to move a car, a person […]

Photoshop deblur Tool Puts an End to Blurry Photos

Watch PhotoShop Remove the Blur From a Ruined Photo

All of us ave had a great vacation photo ruined by blur. While you can retake the photo if you catch it at the right time, too often we don’t see the horrid effect of blur on our photos until we get them back to the big screen. Photo correction programs have been able to […]

Adobe Shows Off Photoshop Touch on Android Pen-Enabled Samsung Tablet


At the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, California, which coincidentally or ironically is happening the same week that Apple’s slated for its iPhone announcement, Adobe and Samsung are showing off Photoshop Touch, a more feature-rich Photoshop experience on a tablet, on a prototype Samsung slate. The slate that’s being used to showcase Photoshop Touch […]

Is This What Amazon’s Tablet Will Look Like?

Amazon Tablet wm

We have all known for a while now that Amazon has a tablet in the queue. Today the Wall Street Journal shed some more light on the subject with word that the slate will be arriving “by October.” So we decided to put our Photoshop skills to use and show you what we think the […]

Exclusive: New iPhone 5 Artist’s Rendering

iPhone 5 side view watermark

There have been several recent artists’ mock-ups of what the iPhone 5 may look like. These renderings, which floated around the blog scene, showed some drastic redesigns. They are beautiful and a testament to talented artists, but they won’t likely be anything at all like the product Apple will launch. We wondered: if Apple keeps […]

Advanced Photo-editing App Photoforge 2 Now Has iPad Support

Now you can do more with your favorite pet photos.

Those who claim that the iPad isn’t for content creation may have a slightly harder time making that argument now. Photoforge 2, a photography editing app that is more advanced than similar iOS editing tools, is now available for the iPad. Photoforge 2 released this spring as an iPhone app, but until now there had […]

Photoshop Remote iPad App Allows Touch Based Photoshop Control (video)


Shawn Welch is releasing an iPad app called Photoshop Remote for the iPad taking advantage of the new Photoshop Touch SDK which allows uers to interact with Photoshop on a tablet. In Welch’s app users can interact with their Photoshop application using an iPad connected to the same network. This is just the beginning as […]

Photoshop Touch Software Uses Tablet as Input Device, Display Extension

After failing to conquer the iPad and iOS with Adobe Flash, Adobe’s plans for Photoshop will help to leverage Apple’s consumer tablet as a useful input tool and extension of a computer’s display when working with Photoshop on a desktop. While not quite the standalone content creation tablet app that we’ve seen before, the Photoshop […]

Adobe Shows Off Photoshop for iPad

iPad Photoshop

Further moving the iPad from content consumption to production device, Adobe has unveiled its latest efforts in bringing Photoshop to the iOS tablet, giving photographers more image editing controls. Photoshop for iPad will bring more features and controls to photo editing on the mobile tablet than the current Photoshop Express title. Photography Bay shows some […]

Photoshop.com App for iPhone


Adobe’s released Photopshiop.com Mobile for iPhone, an application that lets users perform basic editing tasks by tapping and swiping at images. The application lets users crop, adjust exposure and apply a handful of filters. It has a nice interface and it’s very easy to fine tune adjustments. There are a lot of photo editing applications […]