10 Exciting Star Wars: Battlefront Details

Exciting Star Wars Battlefront Details - 3

EA and Dice debuted two new Star Wars: Battlefront trailers and shared a collection of new Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay details and features at E3 2015. Now that we can watch and re-watch the new Star Wars: Battlefront multiplayer footage and missions over and over, we want to highlight the most exciting details from the event and […]

May the 4th Be With You: 5 Essential Star Wars Day Details

What to do and where to save on Star Wars Day.

“May the 4th Be With You.” Odds are good that you’ll hear this multiple time today from Star Wars fans who cannot get enough of the annual Star Wars celebration that takes a funny pun on the May the Force Be With You quote said in every Star Wars movie at least once, in at least […]

9 Exciting Star Wars: Battlefront Details

The rest of us are still waiting to see the PS4 Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay footage.

Between Star Wars: Battlefront and the new Star Wars trailer for A Force Awakens it’s been a blockbuster week for fans of the science fiction universe. By the end of 2015 we’ll be awash in new Star Wars settings and it’s enough to get the blood pumping a little faster even in April. We have to […]

Star Wars Battlefront Release Revealed

Star Wars Battlefront

Source code for a website made by video game publisher Electronic Arts seems to have revealed the Star Wars Battlefront release date that gamers the world over have clamored for. Videogamer is reporting that deep diving into the source code of the Star Wars Battlefront website that launched this week during the Star Wars Celebration […]

Star Wars Saga on iTunes: What You Need to Know


The Star Wars saga will be coming to iTunes this week. Here’s what you need to know about the re-release. Believe it or not, this is the first time that the Star Wars movies will be available on a digital platform, and it’s really no surprise that iTunes is the one to get it. Lucasfilm […]

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Arrives Online

The Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer is online in full HD.

If you are looking for the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer and you don’t want to leave your home to sit in a movie theater for 60 seconds of a trailer, you can watch the Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Computer. Originally teased for a theatrical release this […]

Charge Your Phone with Darth Vader’s Lightsaber


With many mobile devices coming close to all day battery life, charging accessories for mobile gadgets may be something many don’t consider essential anymore. Indeed, one of the popular makers for charging cases, Mophie is branching out a bit and adding storage options to its popular charging cases. A sign of the times that the […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II Offers Real World In App Purchases


Today Rovio announced that Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II will come out on September 19 and will follow the stories of the Star Wars prequels with new characters and a new Skylanders-inspired feature that combines real world purchases with in game unlockable characters. Angry Birds Star Wars Episode II will introduce the new Telepods […]

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic Coming To iPad Soon

Star Wars KOTOR iPad

Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic, the classic BioWare RPG is coming to the iPad sometime in the near future. While BioWare hasn’t yet announced its 2003 RPG for the iPad, but IGN has an exclusive review of the game. The review doesn’t give a release date for the game, but a release sometime […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Review

Angr Birds Star Wars main screen

Angry Birds Star Wars is the latest game in Rovio’s popular mobile franchise, and it’s arguably the best game of the series and possibly one of the best Star Wars games ever. Angry Birds Star Wars uses the same basic gameplay as previous Angry Birds titles with a few changes. Players still need to use […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Now Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio’s new Angry Birds Star Wars is now available on iOS, Android, Windows 8, and OS X. The new Angry Birds game is Rovio’s second movie tie-in game, but unlike Angry Birds Rio the Star Wars version adds a number of new features and a more recognizable set of characters. In Angry Birds Star Wars […]

New Angry Birds Star Wars Tailer Shows First Gameplay Footage

Angry Birds Star Wars

The newest Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Star Wars will come to iPhone and Android on November 8, and Rovio is finally showing off gameplay of the game. In the latest trailer for the Star Wars collaboration Rovio shows a few seconds of gameplay footage. The trailer show two birds, the red Luke bid and […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8

Angry Birds Star Wars

The next Angry Birds game is another franchise tie-in, but this time the franchise is more than just a silly movie about birds. Today Rovio announced it newest game is Angry Birds Star Wars, and it will come to iOS, Android, and desktop on November 8. The game will likely use the concepts introduced in […]

Comedian “Punks” Apple Store, Employees Don’t Flinch

Comedian Mark Malkoff wanted to test the limits of just how “nice” Apple Store employees can be. He may have to keep trying. The video, first dug up by Gothamist, shows Malkoff push the boundaries of what one can get away with in an Apple Store before getting kicked out. His list of over-the-top tactics […]

May The DROID Be With You! R2-D2 Droid 2 Coming Sept. 30th.

Motorola DROID R2-D2_Horizontal Open

Verizon announces today via Press Release that they will be offering the highly anticipated limited edition DROID R2-D2 on September 30th, 2010. It will be available online and in select stores on this date. It will come packaged in a custom box resembling carbonite and will also include a Star Wars media dock and wired stereo […]

Verizon Abandoning the Droid Attack?


Many news sites and blogs are hailing the Motorola Droid’s marketing campaign as a substantial success.  It has been estimated that over 250,000 Droid’s were sold in the first week of its launch in early November.  NFL games and family sitcoms have been interrupted by commercials showing stealth bombers launching Droids, the Droid’s grit and […]