LG Optimus Note Leaks Out: 4-Inch NOVA Display, Tegra 2, Physical Keyboard

LG Optimus Note

Have you been waiting for a dual-core slider made by LG? If you have, then you’ll be excited to know that a device called the LG Optimus Note has leaked out in Korea and will be bringing some fairly intriguing specifications along with it. What are those specifications you ask? Well, for starters. It’s going […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Coming with Tegra 2 CPU, Not Exynos?


According to the latest FCC filing, the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is Samsung’s most popular smartphone to date and still not yet available in the U.S., may be getting a brain swap. Rather than launching with the company’s own Exynos processor, the Galaxy S II, model GT-i9103, which comes with AT&T-compatible 3G/4G bands, was […]

Texas Instruments the Preferred Chip-Maker for Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich?


There is now speculation that Google is dumping NVIDIA, whose dual-core chipset helped to shape Android 3.0 Honeycomb, in favor of Texas Instruments for its Ice Cream Sandwich platform, which will begin the process of merging the tablet and smartphone editions of Android into one platform. The company’s OMAP 4 chip will be the reference […]

AT&T’s Promotional Video of the Motorola Atrix Misleading?

2011-05-18 13.28.06

I had recently stopped by an AT&T corporate-owned retail store to check out the recent crop of phones and accessories, and on my visit I found that most of AT&T’s Android-based smartphone come pre-loaded with a looping video tutorial that highlights the features of the devices; when a user interacts with the phone and touches […]

Amazon Said to Be Prepping Two Tablets for 2011


Three days ago, Jeff Bezos didn’t deny rumors stating that his company would be launching an Amazon tablet which led many to believe that a device was definitely on the way. Well, it looks like Amazon is in fact going to be releasing a tablet this year only it’s not going to be just one […]

NVIDIA CEO Blames Pricing, OEMs for Lackluster Android Tablet Sales


Though the industry and Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha had attributed the lack of native Android apps optimized for the tablet experience for the poor sales of the first Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom, NVIDIA says the problem is more than just software, laying blame on poor sales of the initial batch of Honeycomb tablets due […]

Google Confirms New Nexus Device Is Coming


Google’s Andy Rubin has confirmed that a new Nexus device will be announced at some point in the future with speculation pointing toward a launch alongside the freshly announced Android 3.4 Ice Cream Sandwich which will be the first version of Android that combines elements of the smartphone OS with Google’s tablet OS. Rubin didn’t […]

NVIDIA Eyes Qualcomm with Icera Acquisition


NVIDIA has its eyes set on mobile as the Tegra 2-chip-maker is hoping to integrate more features into its smartphone CPU through the recent announcement of the Icera acquisition. Icera, a UK-based company, develops 3G and 4G baseband processors for use in phones and modems, and is said to be more efficient than those coming […]

T-Mobile LG G2X Android Super Phone Reboots Randomly, Freezes?

T-Mobile G2x

Select users have been noticing that the newly launched LG G2X Android smartphone for T-Mobile USA with a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor is suffering from either random reboots or freezes. Users who have experienced the problem were able to take their devices into T-Mobile where the carrier was able to swap out the device […]

Toshiba Android Honeycomb Tablet Branded as Regza for Japan


While it appears that Toshiba may have registered the Thrive brand in the U.S. with the USPTO, the company may be using the Regza moniker in its home country of Japan. According to Netbook News, the Toshiba Regza will see a release in June in Japan with pricing of around 723 USD. The Japanese edition […]

Early Batches of Eee Pad Transformer Sold Out


It looks like Asus may be suffering from the same plight as Apple as its tablet has been sold out and the company is having a hard time meeting initial demand. Early production batches of the Eee Pad Transformer, which were offered up for sale in the UK on April 6th, have been sold out […]

Motorola Droid Bionic Cancelled?


There is a recent speculation that the Motorola-made Droid Bionic Android smartphone for Verizon’s 4G LTE network may have been cancelled. The device is said to have heat issues related to the device’s dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset overheating and having compatibility issues with Verizon’s 4G network. Sources to Phone Arena reported that both the […]

T-Mobile LG G2X Retail Packaging Spotted


After an official unveiling at CTIA this past month, the retail box for the T-Mobile G2x made by LG has been leaked onto the web, which shows a clean white box with the logo and name of the phone as well as an image of the phone highlighted in the center of the box. Although […]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer lands at Best Buy, coming soon for $400

ASUS Eee Pad

ASUS’s Eee Pad Transformer has landed on Best Buy’s website and the retail outlet lists the device as ‘coming soon’ with a price tag of $399. This of course comes after yesterday when the Eee Pad Transformer finally got official pricing and a release date for the United Kingdom with the Tegra 2 powered tablet […]

NVIDIA Confirms Droid Bionic to Use Tegra 2 Mobile Processor


While Motorola reps had told me previously at the Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Bionic unveiling earlier this year that the device would be utilizing a dual-core chipset solution from Texas Instruments, it turns out that information is not correct. I had caught up to both NVIDIA and Motorola at the CTIA Wireless trade show yesterday, […]

iPad 2’s A5 Processor Offers Dynamically Changing Clock Speeds, Faster RAM

Apple A5 die wordmark

Furthering Apple’s refusal to compete based on solely on specs, the iPad 2’s A5 processor, which integrates Imagination Technologies’ SGX543 graphics cores, is reported to have dynamically changing clock speed. Steve Jobs mentioned that the A5 chip is capable of delivering up to twice the processing power and up to 9 times the graphics power […]