3 Ways Google Wallet Beats Apple Pay & The iPhone 6


This week Apple Pay arrived along with the update to iOS 8.1 and is set to finally deliver mobile payments to the general public. And while it has its share of problems, more banks are joining the initiative, but what’s even more important is how this will draw publicity to a service and technology that’s […]

LG G2 Update Arrives as Verizon KitKat Remains MIA


The LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update in the United States is almost complete as most major carriers have already issued the software upgrade. And now we’re starting to see a second update while some are still waiting for KitKat. LG promised Android 4.4 KitKat before the end of March for the G2 in the […]

Visa and Mastercard Team Up to Deliver Mobile Payments on Android 4.4


Two announcements today from Visa and Mastercard hint at major changes for the mobile payment revolution. One which has been slow to catch on and gain steam, even with all the tools readily in place. The lack of options when it comes to paying on the go with our mobile devices has been quite frustrating, […]

Google Wallet Card: Another Way to Pay


Google unveiled and launched its Google Wallet card last week, and we recently just received ours in the mail. If you have a Google Wallet account, you can order your card for free within seconds, and even if you don’t have a Google Wallet account, you can activate one quickly and easily if you have […]

Google Wallet Physical Cards Now Ready to Ship

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.15.29 AM

After months of rumors and speculation regarding what Google had planned for Google Wallet, today we’re finally starting to see the big picture. This afternoon official physical Google Wallet card options have appeared, with Mastercard already on board, essentially giving users access to their Google Wallet balance to pay for goods. With Mastercard on board, […]

Nexus 5 Google Wallet Support Up in the Air

The Nexus 5 may not support Google Wallet.

The Nexus 5 is shaping up to be a formidable device, and could claim a spot as one of the best Android phones of 2013, but it may not deliver one of the features that Nexus owners have come to love — Google Wallet support. Android 4.4 KitKat screenshot show a Tap & Pay option […]

Google Wallet iPhone App Released


After rolling out Google Wallet to nearly all Android devices a couple days ago, Google has launched an iPhone version to go along with the mass rollout. Since the iPhone doesn’t have NFC, you won’t be able to pay payments in stores, but you’ll be able to send money to other people by just knowing […]

Google Wallet Rolling Out to Nearly All Android Devices This Week


Google Wallet has been available for a while now, but it’s only been compatible with only a handful of Android devices, leaving everyone else out of the fun. However, Google is sending out an update later this week to the Google Play store that will make the Google Wallet app compatible for all Android phones […]

Google Sends False Alarm Email Alerting Google Wallet Compromised

Android 4.4 KitKat could make Google Wallet work on more devices, even those on Verizon and Sprint.

Due to an email glitch, some Google Wallet users had received a scary notification alerting them that their Google Wallet account was recently activated on a new device even though those customers did not make such actions. Fortunately, though, that was a glitch and Google is saying that customers have nothing to worry about. The […]

Mobile Payments: Starbucks Finds Success in Simplicity


When we hear of using smartphones to pay for goods, we often think about Google Wallet, ISIS, PayPal‘s new initiatives, or Square, but Starbucks is the rising star and one that has found success in this emerging, yet volatile, market. The retail coffee chain’s app, which is used to pay for beverage and food purchases […]

Greedy Carriers Turn Google Wallet Into a Lost Dream

Google Wallet - Payments

T-Mobile has confirmed that it too will be blocking use of Google Wallet on its branded Android devices in an effort to bolster its own supported industry payment standard. The move, which was confirmed by T-Mobile USA in a message on the company’s Twitter account, finally removes some of the mystery that had surrounded Google […]

Apple’s Contextually Aware Digital Wallet Combines Passbook Features


A recently uncovered Apple patent application for a contextually aware digital wallet may give hints to a more secure iPhone as a form of payment at physical retail stores. The Apple digital wallet would essentially compete against other NFC solutions, such as Google Wallet on Android and the ISIS wallet that’s prepped by a coalition […]

Google Makes Sending Money as Easy as Attaching a File

With Send Money in Gmail, users can send money with Google Wallet right from Gmail.

Soon you’ll be able to attach money to an email just like a photo or file thanks to Send Money in Gmail, a new Google Wallet feature that rolled out to Google I/O attendees and will soon hit other Gmail users. With the new Send Money in Gmail feature, users just click on the attachment […]

Google Reportedly Scraps Plans for Google Wallet Card

Google Wallet Card

All Things D reports that Google will update Google Wallet at I/O next week, but the update won’t include the rumored physical credit card the team planned to introduce. Rumors recently mentioned the Google Wallet card as a method for those who can’t, or won’t, use NFC for transactions. The card reportedly was all black with […]

Google Adds Zavers Coupons to Google Wallet


Google has launched a new service called Zavers, which will help consumers save with mobile coupons that integrate directly with smartphones and with tie-ins to Google Wallet digital wallet app. Unfortunately, with the Google Wallet tie-in, the service will only be available to subscribers on Sprint and U.S. Cellular in the U.S., Nexus customers, and […]

Google Wallet Card Tipped by Google

Google Wallet card support page

A Google support page briefly made mention of the upcoming Google Wallet card today according to a TechCrunch report. The support page no longer makes any mention of the Google Wallet card, but a screenshot shows the term used twice on the page. The Google Wallet Card was recently leaked as part of the next […]

Google Wallet Leak Hints At Physical Credit Card

Google Wallet Card

The next version of Google Wallet will come with a physical credit card for easier transactions according to an Android Police report. Android Police says an anonymous tipster sent them images of the next version of Google Wallet which mentions the credit card. The images from the leaked app say the credit card will link […]

Google Teases Google Wallet for iPhone

Google Wallet iPhone

Google is teasing a new version of Google Wallet on its website with an option for iPhone users to request an invite according to Business Insider. Google doesn’t give much information on the new version of Google Wallet, and only mentions it in a single line on the Google Wallet website. Users can request an […]

Apple’s Passbook Scores Home Run With Major League Baseball


While Google’s digital mobile Wallet app is not gaining traction in the U.S., Apple’s Passbook is quickly becoming the darling of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. According to a MarketWatch report, 12 percent of e-ticket buyers chose to use the Passbook option when given the chance. This translates to 1,500 buyers of e-tickets since Passbook has […]