Global Roaming Coming to Verizon’s Galaxy S III in the Future?


While it’s still unclear why Verizon may be launching the Galaxy S III later than some of its rival U.S. carriers like T-Mobile USA and Sprint, Verizon’s Galaxy S III, which will work on the carrier’s CDMA and 4G LTE network will be getting a software update in the future to unlock some features that […]

Are You Getting Google Wallet With the New Update on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus?


Those who have received their OTA update notification to download and install the long awaited Android 4.0.4 software update to their Verizon Wireless 4G LTE-capable Galaxy Nexus smartphone are reporting that on some devices are able to download and install Google Wallet directly from the Google Play Store without any modification or tweaks. It’s been […]

Samsung Announces Gorilla Glass 2 Present on Galaxy S III


It looks like Samsung is once again turning back to Corning for Gorilla Glass on its flagship smartphone following customer complaints and confusion as to why the scratch-resistant and durable glass was not present on the Google-branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. The company announced that Gorilla Glass 2 will indeed by present on the Galaxy […]

Samsung Retooling 10-Inch Galaxy Note to Accomodate S-Pen, Quad-Core Exynos


It looks like not only is Samsung updating the internal components of its 10-inch Galaxy Note tablet–a device that will join the company’s 5.3-inch Note on the market today that’s sold as a smartphone–but the company will also be making some slight hardware revisions to the tablet as well. In particular, rather than requiring users […]

Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Confirmed


Similar to the Bluetooth SIG listings that confirmed the AT&T and T-Mobile USA variants of Samsung’s third-generation flagship Galaxy S III yesterday, now we have confirmation of Verizon’s variant. According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the regulatory body for Bluetooth radio approval, we also have confirmation of Verizon’s listing, which lists the CDMA […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Constructed from Polycarbonate, Not Plastic


Samsung has confirmed that the company’s third-generation Android flagship Galaxy S III smartphone would have a polycarbonate body, rather than plastic, the latter being a material that was employed on the company’s Galaxy S and Galaxy S II devices. The shift towards polycarbonate would allow Samsung to match efforts from its rivals HTC and Nokia. […]

Galaxy S III Confirmed for AT&T, T-Mobile


It looks like Samsung’s promise of launching its third-generation Android flagship Galaxy S III smartphone this summer in the U.S. market is getting a bit closer as AT&T and T-Mobile variants of the phone are now registered. Though Samsung still has not confirmed what carriers the Galaxy S III will be available with in the […]

Samsung Sold 9 Million Galaxy S III Pre-Orders


Samsung’s third-generation Android flagship smartphone still has not gone on sale yet in any part of the world, but the South Korean smartphone-maker has already managed to sell 9 million pre-orders of the highly anticipated Galaxy S III phone. The device, which runs on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich software alongside Samsung’s TouchWiz user […]

Galaxy S III in Japan Will Arrive With 2 GB RAM


It looks like Japanese users of Samsung’s third-generation flagship Android smartphone will be treated to an extra 1 GB of RAM. The Samsung Galaxy S III destined for the Japanese market and headed to carrier DoCoMo will be packing a total of 2 GB RAM, and it’s unclear if Samsung will create a variant of […]

PenTile AMOLED Display Used on Galaxy S III to Increase Lifespan


Many were wondering why Samsung had opted to use its HD Super AMOLED display, rather than an HD variant of the Super AMOLED Plus technology, on the company’s flagship Galaxy S III flagship smartphone, and Samsung answered that question by saying that the lifespan of the device will be increased as the screen won’t deteriorate […]

Samsung Shows That It Is a Software Company

Image credit Engadget

As exciting as it has been to talk, postulate, and speculate about the Galaxy S III’s hardware and specs before the third-generation Galaxy flagship smartphone was announced on May 3rd in London, once the device was announced one thing became apparent: Samsung is now a software company. That doesn’t mean that Samsung is shying away […]

Galaxy S III to Launch in Blue and White?


According to the latest phone inventory leak, it appears that Samsung’s Galaxy S III Android flagship will be available in bright and bold colors. The leaked screenshot from Carphone Warehouse suggests that the flagship smartphone will be available in two colors at launch–blue and white, according to GSM Arena. This would match closely with the […]

Leaked Galaxy S III Screen Protector Suggests 4.8-Inch Display


Prior to Samsung’s May 3rd event to unveil the Galaxy S III flagship Android smartphone, accessories-maker Colorant has released a screen protector dubbed the Ultimate Screen Guard for the device. The leaked screen protector reveals some tidbits about the dimensions of the phone, including the fact that the Galaxy S III may support a display […]

Samsung Distances Itself From ‘Wake Up’ Promo Outside Apple Store


A recent guerrilla marketing promotion outside an Australian Apple retail store was believed to have been orchestrated by South Korean rival Samsung, but the Android Galaxy-maker has now said that it was not responsible for the promotion. The marketing stunt involved a large black bus and a cadre of people wearing cloaked in black attire […]

Samsung Confirms Quad-Core Exynos for Galaxy S III


If there are any doubts that quad-core Exynos processing power may not make it to Samsung’s next-generation flagship Galaxy smartphone, those doubts should be laid down to rest as the Galaxy S III is now confirmed by Samsung’s chip-making arm to utilize the quad-core Exynos processor based on the ARM CPU architecture. The quad-core Exynos […]

Latest Leaked Image Shows Off Galaxy Note With T-Mobile Branding

Samsung Galaxy Note

For T-Mobile customers who have been eyeing AT&T subscribers with envy with their 5.3-inch Galaxy Note Android smartphone, the latest leaked image of the large phone should replace a lot of that jealousy with hopeful anticipation. We’ve heard that the Galaxy Note would be coming to T-Mobile USA’s 4G HSPA+ network through a leaked user […]