Musubo Sneaker iPhone 4S Case Review: Perfect for Sneakerheads


The Musubo Sneaker case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S delivers protection with the flair of a sneaker tread design on the back. If you chase new Nike’s for a hobby, this is an iPhone 4S case you need to check out. If you prefer a different look, check out the Musubo Retro Case, with an […]

Musubo Retro iPhone 4S Case Review: Exoskeleton Protection


The Musubo Retro iPhone 4S case protects the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with a layer of silicon and a sci-fi looking exoskeleton that looks great. Musubo makes a collection of interesting iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S cases, including the Musubo Sneaker Case. In addition to looking good, the Retro case offers more protection than the average iPhone […]

tiltpod Review: Key Chain Tripod & Stand for the iPhone


The tiltpod offers a nearly perfect key chain tripod and stand for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, a small point-and-shoot camera or and many other small gadgets. I love the mobility, the price and the functionality of this great little accessory from gomite. Born out of a frustration with bulky pocket tripods, the tiltpod is […]

iPhone Shutter Grip Makes Mobile Photography Easier

iPhone Shutter Grip

The iPhone 4/4S is great for taking quick photos, but sometimes it is difficult to take the pictures quickly with the onscreen buttons. The iPhone Shutter Grip alleviates that problem by adding a shutter button to the phone. The iPhone Shutter Grip, as mentioned by Cult of Mac, is an add-on that connects to the 30-pin […]

iPhone 4S Battery Case Showdown: 6 Cases Battle For Power

iPhone 4S battery cases

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are incredibly popular phones, but one of the biggest complaints for both devices is the lack of a removable battery and poor battery life. While there are tricks you can use to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life, sometimes there’s nothing better than a bigger battery. If you find your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S is running […]

Sonastand: The Acoustic iPhone Stand Apple Should Have Designed


Sonastand is the latest iPhone accessory Kickstarter project I’m supporting. The Sonastand is an acoustic stand for the iPhone that has the aethstetics you’d expect from Apple’s own designers and that makes the built-in speaker sound significantly louder. The Sonastand may be for you if you find yourself cupping your hand to redirect the iPhone’s […]

Elevation Dock for iPhone Could Be the Best iPhone Dock Made


The Elevation Dock for iPhone, the first Kickstarter project to break the $1M mark, promises to solve a number of the annoying problems that you face with ordinary iPhone docks. The project has hit on a need of many as nearly 10,000 iPhone users really want to see this Kickstarter project produced. They’ve invested near […]

Thumbumper: Simple Mobile Joystick for iPhone Gaming

thumbbumper iphone joystick

The Thumbumper is a simple gadget that’ll make gaming on smartphones and tablets a lot more enjoyable. We’ve seen other joysticks that stick on touch screens, but the Thumbumper is simpler and doesn’t obscure much of the display. Most importantly, it looks very mobile. While mobile gaming has exploded in recent years, controlling virtual characters, […]

Best of CES 2012: iCade Mobile iPhone Gaming Accessory

iCade Mobile iPhone gaming accessory

Mobile gaming nerds rejoiced last year when ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s arcade cabinet for the iPad became a real product thanks to the folks at Ion Audio. Now they’re bringing the concept to everyone’s favorite mobile gaming device: the iPhone. The iCade Mobile fits all models of the iPhone and the iPod touch. Just like the […]

5 Ridiculous SkyMall iPhone Accessories


Open up any SkyMall catalog while on your next flight and you’re bound to find a number of awful products, but when it comes to technology SkyMall has a number of ridiculous accessories. If you look for iPhone accessories, the list gets even crazier with a number of out there products for your iPhone. On […]

DomeSkin 3D Protection & Customization for iPad, iPod, iPhone


DomeSkin protects your iPad, iPod, iPhone or Blackberry with style giving you more grip than a normal thin mobile device skin. Skins usually have more to do with showing off your personality than really offering much protection, but with DomeSkin you do get a little more for two reasons. First, the skin pads the device […]

Gift Guide: Best Quirky Mobile Tech Accessories


Quirky is one of my favorite websites to shop because the products there are so spot-on useful. That’s probably because everything is conceived and designed by real people who have great ideas but not the infrastructure to turn that idea into reality on their own. Of all the Quirky products I own or have tested […]

Third Man 45 Case Protects iPhone 4S with a Vinyl Record

Griffin Technology Third Man Vinyl Record Case

How would you like to carry around your 21st century tunes (files on your iPhone) in a case made from something originally invented back in the 19th century? The Griffin Third Man 45 (as in 45 rpm records) iPhone 4S Case uses a real 7″ vinyl record, which has been custom-cut and fit into a protective […]

Gift Guide: Best Kikkerland Accessories

Music Branch Headphone Splitter

I often see Kikkerland’s fun, kitschy accessories when I’m out holiday shopping for things other than technology. They make perfect stocking stuffers since they’re useful, inexpensive, and cute. They also make nice secret Santa presents for the same reasons. With holiday gifting time almost upon us you don’t have that much time to shop, so […]