The Perfect Size for an Apple iTV is 60 Inches?


According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple may not have plans to construct an Apple-branded iTV HDTV that measures less than 60 inches diagonally. Citing comments made Terry Gou, chairman of Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, a U.S. manufacturing facility is to be constructed and would be purposed for making LCD displays no […]

Apple iTV Arriving in 2015, According to Multiple Analysts


An Apple HDTV has been rumored for years, and we still have yet to see one. However, reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo agrees with Gene Munster’s latest prediction that an Apple HDTV set will be releasing in 2015 or 2016. Munster has embarrassingly estimated when we might see an Apple TV set in the past few […]

iTV Taking a Back Seat to iWatch for 2014 at Apple


A new report suggests that Apple’s plans to launch a dedicated iTV television set, rather than the Apple TV set top box, in 2014 has been delayed and the Apple-branded HDTV is now slated for a 2015 deal. Difficulty in securing content for the launch of the iTV was the reason cited for the delay. […]

Apple’s Latest Hire Suggests Next Big Thing is in TV


Apple’s latest hire is CableLabs executive Jean-François Mulé, suggesting that the Cupertino, California iPhone-maker may be focusing on the living room for its latest game changer. Apple had changed the smartphone industry in 2007 when it had introduced the first aluminum-clad iPhone, ushering in a simple UI, capacitive touchscreen, and later featuring third-party apps. The company later […]

Apple’s iRing-Controlled iTV Sounds Like a Craptastic Idea

Samsung's latest HD smart TV sets allows for accurate motion and gesture tracking thanks to a built-in camera with IR sensor

At a time when CEO Tim Cook is pushing forward with simplicity and trying to build in more synergies between more Apple products, an iRing accessory to control a rumored iTV, Apple’s fully branded HDTV unit, doesn’t make sense. We had reported about the iRing controller two months ago, and now Topeka Capital analyst Brian […]

Microsoft Already Building Apple TV Competitor


According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft may be leveraging its Xbox entertainment division to build a media streaming box for the living room to compete against Apple TV and Google TV set-top boxes. The report says that Microsoft already has working prototypes available, though it’s unclear if Microsoft will commercialize this […]

Gaming Apple TV Controller, iCar Patents Fuel Rumors for New Apple Products


Newly discovered Apple patent filings further ignite rumors of Apple entering new product categories, spurring speculations that the company will enter the home console gaming market through its set-top Apple TV streaming box as well as further integration of its iPhone and iPad into cars serving as remotes. These patent filings were unearthed just a […]

Apple Rumored to Wed iRing Controller to iTV, Coming This Year

Apple's iRing to rule your iTV; image: Lord of the Rings

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White speculates that Apple will introduce its much rumored iTV this year in a 60-inch screen size and would retail anywhere between $1500 and $2500. White says that a 50- and 55-inch variants may also be made available, likely to offer lower entry-level price points. Previous reports of the iTV […]

Apple TV Concept Looks Like an iMac With iPad UI

Apple TV concept

A new Apple TV concept shows one option Apple has for its rumored device that combines the iMac and iPad. The Apple TV concept from Martin Hajek for iCreate magazine shows a larger version of the iMac with an all-black design. The Apple TV itself looks almost identical to the new iMac design with black […]

4 Disruptive Apple Products That Tim Cook Won’t Discuss


At its annual shareholders meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook had shed some light on how the company will be delivering shareholder value. One way is by returning some of the over $137 billion cash that Apple has amassed over the years, though that really is uninteresting for geeks, unless you’re an Apple (APPL) investor. The […]

TV Now “An Area of Intense Interest” For Apple CEO

Apple TV

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that TV is now “an area of intense interest” in an interview with NBC. In the past Apple called its Apple TV a “hobby” instead of a full-blown product category. The device was just a way to get iTunes content onto the TV instead of replacing the TV. Now is […]

Apple SVP Says Don’t Expect an iTV Anytime Soon

Apple HDTV iTV

We’ve heard rumors of an Apple TV (sometimes called iTV) for years now, but Apple Senior Vice President Eddie Cue recently told one analyst we shouldn’t expect such a device in near future. According to 9To5Mac, Cue told analyst Andy Hargreaves from Pacific Crest that it is sadly difficult to get the rights to broadcast and […]

iPhone 5 Release Date to Make Apple Most Profitable Company Ever


The iPhone 5 release date this fall could be the device that pushes Apple over the edge to become the most profitable publicly traded company ever. Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believes that the iPhone 5, an iPad Mini and the possible Apple TV will deliver sales that will help Apple, “generate the highest […]

Apple TV Set a No Show at WWDC 2012

Apple Cinema Display

Apple shared a lot of awesome new hardware and software features during its WWDC 2012 keynote address, but the much-anticipated and rumored Apple TV set was a no-show. Apple didn’t even mention the current small set-top box, something many Apple fans really hoped to hear about at WWDC. The Boy Genius Report and several other technology sites reported rumors […]

Foxconn CEO Comfirms Apple’s iTV Preperations

Apple iTV mockup

Foxconn CEO Tery Gou mentioned the Apple HDTV in a press conference. This is pretty firm evidence that the real “iTV”will be coming to market soon. According to China Daily, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said the factory is “making preparations for iTV.” The company hasn’t started production for the fabled HDTV just yet, but it will […]

Source Claims To Have Seen Apple HDTV With Siri and FaceTime

Apple iTV mockup

The rumored Apple HDTV could bring Siri and FaceTime into the living room. A source speaking to Cult of Mac claims to have seen the Apple HDTV complete with some iOS features. According to the source, Apple will put Siri and FaceTime into the HDTV, making it simple to control, and giving families an easier […]

Analyst Claims to See Evidence of iTV and the Next iPhone

Peter Misek, an Apple analyst for Jefferies & Company recently took a trip to Asia and came back with some interesting ideas about the future of Apple. His notes point to a possible TV from Apple called the iTV, and some hints as to the future of the iPhone. Misek found a few components that he […]