HTC DROID DNA Android 4.2 & Sense 5 Update Arrives


After Verizon posted the update details months ago regarding an upgrade to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the new Sense UI 5 for the DROID DNA, today we’re hearing it’s finally ready for customers handsets as both parties confirmed the news this afternoon. With many of the newer HTC handsets getting updated to Android 4.3 […]

HTC One SV Update Arrives With Android 4.2 and Sense 5


It looks like the flagship HTC One isn’t the only smartphone getting updates as of late by HTC, as we’re now hearing the company’s HTC One SV international device is getting a quick update to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Sense UI 5.0 this week. Bringing nearly all the latest and best aspects of HTC’s […]

HTC One Nexus Edition: Drivers Needed.


Though the Facebook Home UI has largely been criticized and the HTC First, the first smartphone to ship with Facebook Home embedded, has been a flop, the experience working with Facebook may have given HTC a new perspective on approaching its smartphone user experience. One of the things that the HTC First did right was […]

Android (As We Know It) is Dead.


Maybe proclaiming the death of Android in early 2013 is a bit outlandish, but the Android landscape has changed dramatically since HTC had announced the very first Android smartphone, the HTC G1, in October 2008, and the platform will continue to evolve drastically in years to come. In a few years, I speculate that Android […]

New HTC Sense 5 UI Spotted on HTC G2?


A new leaked screenshot of HTC’s Sense user interface overlay on top of Android was spotted with claims that this iteration of Sense will be headed to the rumored HTC G2, which is considered to be an entry-level smartphone. According to earlier leaks, the HTC G2 may be debuted alongside the oft rumored HTC M7, […]

HTC Sense 5.0 UI on HTC M7 Smartphone: Inspired by Microsoft’s Live Tiles?


In another batch of leaked photos revealing the unannounced and oft-rumored HTC M7 smartphone, HTC’s latest Sense user interface was spotted with a refreshed look and feel. Though unannounced, the major revision to the Sense software may get branded as HTC Sense 5.0 once the Android user interface overlay gets announced with the latest HTC […]

Sprint to Begin Honeycomb Roll-Out for HTC EVO View 4G Tablet


Sprint is beginning to roll out its Android Honeycomb update for the carrier’s debut tablet, the HTC Flyer, which is the first tablet that Sprint had supported on its Network with embedded 3G CDMA and 4G WiMax radios. The 7-inch tablet is a variant of the HTC Flyer and comes with an active digitizer for […]

HTC EVO 3D Stars in Flash Mob Video in Golden Gate Park


San Francisco, California residents were treated to a surprising ‘art’ flash mob curated by the Now Network where Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D was the star! Highlighting bubbles, family, and the park, the flash mob video takes a twist on some of the more popular recent flash mob videos that we’ve seen recently on YouTube. The […]

HTC EVO 3D Coming to Best Buy in Purple


In addition to soon being available in white for Radio Shack, the HTC EVO 3D for Sprint’s Now Network may also be coming in purple at some point in the future as a Best Buy exclusive. The flagship smartphone is currently available in black, but once it gets a purple coating, the purple will be […]

Sense UI Gets Revamped on HTC Bliss Lock Screen


It looks like the HTC Bliss will get a new version of the HTC Sense user interface, which will be a refinement of the most current Sense UI that’s found on flagships like the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC EVO 3D smartphones. The new lockscreen UI has been uncovered by and depicts a […]

HTC EVO 3D Now Available in White for Sprint Through Radio Shack


The HTC EVO 3D, which is one of the most full-featured phones on the market today and one that stole the CTIA trade show back in March, will soon be available in white. The glasses-free 3D smartphone that debuted the new iteration of HTC’s Sense UI launched in black, and beginning on September 9th, Radio […]

HTC Quietly Unveils Sense UI on Honeycomb Tablets


Skipping a formal announcement of the proprietary HTC Sense user interface, Taiwanese smartphone- and tablet-maker HTC has uploaded several images of what appears to be Sense and the HTC Scribe functionality on top of Google’s Honeycomb tablet operating system on its developer’s portal. is now live with images of what inking on Honeycomb will […]

HTC to Remove Select Apps to Ensure Gingerbread Fits on Desire


After the debacle surrounding the Android Gingerbread software update for the HTC Desire smartphone, HTC’s resolve to deliver the software update to end-users will result in the update to be delivered without select apps. It’s unclear which apps would be eliminated as a result of HTC’s efforts, but at least Desire owners will get a […]

HTC Merge Hits U.S. Cellular on May 31st with Tweaked Sense UI

HTC Merge

While we had suspicions of U.S. Cellular’s plans for the HTC Merge, the carrier has come clean today and announced that the long awaited debut of the Android smartphone will indeed take place in five days time on May 31st. In a message on their Facebook page, U.S. Cellular confirmed the release date of the […]

HTC Evaluating Locked Bootloader Policy


After HTC, which has in the past been warm and welcoming to hackers, stated that its HTC Sensation 4G (coming to T-Mobile USA) and the EVO 3D (coming to Sprint as a 4G WiMax phone) would both be launched with a locked bootloader, user outcry has prompted the company to release a statement on its […]

Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D ‘Roughly Launching’ on June 4?

EVO 3D release date

A leaked screen capture of a computer inventory system may have revealed Sprint’s tentative plans to launch its flagship Android smartphone, the HTC EVO 3D, on or around June 4th. The smartphone was announced initially following intense leaks and rumors at the CTIA tradeshow a few months ago in Orlando, Florida as the successor to […]

HTC Opens Up HTC Sense to Third-Party Apps


At a Google I/O 2011 after-party co-hosted by Sprint and HTC for the HTC EVO 3D, HTC PR reps announced that the company will release an SDK to the Android development community to open up HTC Sense 3.0. The newest version of HTC Sense was announced alongside the HTC EVO View 4G and the HTC […]

HTC Sense UI to be a ‘Sensation’ on Tablets?


It looks like HTC may be evolving its proprietary and customer user interface overlay on its upcoming tablet products. The company calls its custom UI HTC Sense on its smartphone, but a recent trademark filing in the EU for the term ‘HTC Sensation’ may reveal that HTC Sense may get a new name in future […]