Move Over Glass, Google Buys WIMM For Nexus Watch Ambitions

WIMM Labs was bought by Google, perhaps to help produce a Nexus smartwatch.

As Google tries to make Glass more appealing to technophiles and fashionistas at the same time, the company is also not putting all its eggs in one basket and is diversifying its wearables portfolio with a potential smartwatch development. There is news that Google had acquired WIMM Labs, the maker of the WIMM smartwatch development […]

In Latest Design Makeover Google Glass Gets More Fashionable, Less Cyborg


After having run a multi-page advertisement campaign in Vogue magazine, Google is increasingly trying to appeal to fashion-forward trend setters with Google Glass. Technophiles already understand the value of having ready always-on access to information at eye level and now Google is trying to appeal to the fashion conscious shoppers. In the latest design makeover for Google […]

iWatch May Not Launch Until iPhone 6’s Debut in 2014


After Samsung vice president Lee Young-hee confirmed that the company’s smartwatch, which is rumored to launch as the Galaxy Gear at the IFA show in Berlin, is coming, it looks like Samsung may have a head start of about a year over rival Apple’s widely speculated iWatch. Lee Young-hee had told The Korea Times that the Samsung-made wearable […]

Will Google Glass Launch as Motorola Glass in 2014?


After trying to distance itself from Motorola Mobility after acquiring it to signal fairness to Android’s other partners, Google may now be leaning more on Motorola to deliver its hardware goals, including potentially using Motorola to manufacture Google Glass. As Ryan Knutson and Spencer Ante reported for the Wall Street Journal, there were many growing pains for […]

Google Goes Grassroots With Glass, Will It Work?


Wearable computing is still a relatively new space, and Google has been forging a bold, new path with its wearable eyeglasses called Google Glass, that provides an always-present, always-on experience between reality and computing. Essentially, you’ll still see what’s in front of you as you’re walking down the street, but glance to the side or […]

Samsung Debuting Galaxy Gear Smartwatch at IFA to Battle iWatch?


Along with a new Galaxy Note 3 that’s rumored to debut at the German-based IFA tech showcase, it appears that consumer electronics giant Samsung may finally be ready to show off a new smartwatch. Long rumored as the Galaxy Gear, Samsung’s smartwatch would be launched ahead of Apple’s fall iPhone refresh where it is speculated […]

Apple Goes On Hiring Spree for iWatch


After a report had emerged recently that Apple had dedicated a 100-person team to the development of its wearable smartwatch computing device, it now appears that the iPhone-maker is expanding its efforts with the highly anticipated iWatch. A new report surfaced over the weekend from the Financial Times suggests that Apple is now increasing manpower for […]

Samsung Latest to File for Trademark for GEAR Smartwatch

Image via

This week, we’ve seen patent applications being filed for various smartwatch accessories–Apple had filed for the iWatch brand in a number of countries and Qualcomm was revealed to apply for the TOQ trademark–and the latest to join the wearable computing market is Samsung with its application to trademark for the GEAR brand. At a cursory […]

Apple Files for iWatch Trademark in Japan


Apple has officially filed for a trademark to the iWatch brand in Japan. The company has long been rumored to be developing a wearable wristwatch computer with the same name, though it has kept quiet about its plans for the wearable computing market except for Tim Cook‘s recent comments at the All Things D conference where […]

Sony Introduces SmartWatch2 for Use with Android Smartphones

Sony's SmartWatch2 is already available to users.

Sony has officially unveiled the Sony SmartWatch2, its next generation attempt at gaining traction in the wearable computing space. Based on the details made public about the SmartWatch2 by Sony, which is scheduled to ship this September, the device seems to be an evolutionary update to the SmartWatch device that the company shipped last January. […]

Sony to Debut New SmartWatch Next Week?


No stranger to the smartwatch market, Sony Mobile Communications may be debuting a new Sony SmartWatch next week at the Mobile Asia Expo in China. The Android Xperia phone-maker has been sending hints about a potential watch related announcement on Twitter, with hashtags such as #itstime. The company also posted an infographic on the social sharing […]

Apple’s iRing-Controlled iTV Sounds Like a Craptastic Idea

Samsung's latest HD smart TV sets allows for accurate motion and gesture tracking thanks to a built-in camera with IR sensor

At a time when CEO Tim Cook is pushing forward with simplicity and trying to build in more synergies between more Apple products, an iRing accessory to control a rumored iTV, Apple’s fully branded HDTV unit, doesn’t make sense. We had reported about the iRing controller two months ago, and now Topeka Capital analyst Brian […]

Fall Debut of Awesome Apple Product May Not Include iWatch


Originally speculated to arrive this year following Tim Cook‘s hints that we’ll see some awesome products this fall in Apple’s product pipeline, the wearable iWatch smartwatch is now said to be a tardy arrival. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurately predicted Apple’s plans in the past, is saying that the iWatch won’t be […]

Apple’s iWatch Smartwatch Might Now Be in Testing

Apple iwatch Render - 7

Apple could now be testing its often rumored iWatch, according to reports, possibly indicating a launch as early as this fall. These reports, which originate from the Economic Times, also indicate that Apple has decided to shift away from the 1.8 inch displays the company had been rumored to include in the iWatch. Instead, it […]

3 Key Groups Google Will Need to Convince to Make Glass Successful

Glass user at a hotel bar in San Francisco, California for Google I/O 2013

Google Glass was the talk of San Francisco last week as geeks paraded around town with Google’s latest wearable computing eyepiece at the Google I/O conference, but is the rest of America ready to embrace this new form of technology? Google still has a hard task as it sets out to popularize Glass much in […]

Congress Wants Privacy Issues Addressed With Google Glass


Eight Congressmen on the Bipartisan Congressional Privacy Caucus have sent a letter to Google asking the Internet search giant to address privacy concerns and questions surrounding the use of Google Glass by June 14th. Congress wants to know how Google will address privacy issues for users and owners of Google Glass, as well as for […]

Facial Recognition Hack Makes Google Glass Useful in Medical Settings


While we’re still not quite sure how exactly will Google Glass be used in the future as it’s still an entirely new mobile form factor and there are still not that many applications designed for the wearable computing platform, Glass will definitely be a beneficial tool to doctors and medical staff as demonstrated with the […]

Google Planning Google Retail Stores for Google Glass?


It looks like rumors of Google opening up retail shops are heating up again and this time the stores are said to be built specifically for Google Glass. This would be a smart move on Google’s part as Google Glass is an entirely new computing experience, and opening retail stores would not only allow customers […]