My Windows Phone App of the Week – WizTiles


WizTiles is an application that you can download from the Windows Phone Marketplace to change your start screen’s tiles. The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to unlock your phone to get some customization. One of the complaints I have gotten from a few Android friends of mine about Windows Phone is […]

2012 Nokia Rumors: Tango, Apollo, Windows 8 Tablet Launch Dates


In what is reported as a tip to Nokia-centric blog My Nokia Blog, Nokia has an expansive product launch schedule for 2012 spanning both smartphones and tablets. The company had recently unveiled two debut Windows Phone smartphones at the Nokia World convention in October, and is presumably hard at work to introduce other devices in […]

Nokia’s Rolling Thunder Plan: More Handsets to Come


Nokia U.S. head Chris Weber recently talked about some of the company’s plans and strategies for the U.S. market following the joint announcement of the Lumia 710 Windows Phone for T-Mobile USA’s network. According to Weber, the Lumia 710 is just the beginning and we can expect more from Nokia and the company’s Windows Phone […]

I Am Now On Android Again! Why?


Well, you know I was doing the Android to Windows Phone 7 conversion a couple of weeks ago, right? It went well and I found that Windows Phone could be used as my “Daily Driver”. I decided to go with a swapping back and forth between the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC […]

Pink Nokia Lumia 800 Coming to French Fashionistas


After having announced a black, magenta, and cyan edition of the current Windows Phone flagship, Nokia will be making a pink version of the Lumia 800 available in France as well. Nokia will be bundling the pink edition alongside a year’s subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine. The pink Lumia 800 (reviewed in black) is coming to Orange […]

Microsoft’s Campaign Attracts 3,200+ Malware Infected Android Users


Earlier in the week, we had reported a Twitter campaign ran by the Windows Phone team asking for the worse malware stories on the Android platform for a chance to win a new Windows Phone 7 handset. It seems that the buzz around that campaign–and recent woes of malware targeted at both U.S. and international […]

Microsoft Backtracks on NFC Statement


Following statement by a Microsoft UL product manager stating that NFC support was indeed present on Windows Phone software, but required hardware partners to unlock and utilize the feature, Microsoft is now saying that the feature is not yet available now but is coming. “Microsoft would like to correct a previous statement it made around […]

Microsoft Lures Android Users with Free Phone Offer to Windows Phone


In Microsoft’s latest publicity campaign for Windows Phone, the software giant is offering a free smartphone to Android owners who have been affected by malware on Google’s platform. The latest promotion follows recent reports that Google recently removed 22 titles from Android Market that contained malicious code. In a twitter post, Microsoft asks Android users […]

One Blog Claims Hands-On With Unannounced Nokia Lumia 900


The Nokia Lumia 900, though unannounced, has been generating a lot of news lately as it’s anticipated to flagship Nokia’s Windows Phone lineup and be headed to both AT&T’s and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks in 2012. One blog,, has claimed that it had gotten some hands-on time with Nokia’s unreleased phone and its report […]

Xbox Companion for Windows Phone and Xbox Dashboard Update [Video]


Yesterday, Microsoft released the Xbox Companion for Windows Phone. This app interfaces with you Xbox console. It allows you to control media, browse for videos and music and queue them up to the console. It also allows you to see what your kids are playing on the Xbox too. Maybe that’s not the main function, […]

T-Mobile USA Preps Accessories for Launch of Nokia Lumia 710


With the amount of evidence stacking up for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 710, a Windows Phone with more modest specs than the Lumia 800 (review), on T-Mobile USA’s network, it appears that the carrier will be supporting the launch of the handset with a number of accessories. The leaked accessory sheets show that […]

MetroRadio: Unofficial Pandora App Released for Windows Phone


Those on Windows Phone now have another app to look forward to. While Pandora itself isn’t officially available on Microsoft’s growing platform, a third-party developer had stepped in to fill the void for those who want free streaming radio with personalized listening in the form of MetroRadio, which taps Pandora’s streaming service. According to Marketplace […]

Nokia Lumia 900, Nokia Champagne Names Pop Up Again


Windows Phone 7 news app Times of India is reporting the statistics of various Windows Phone devices that are accessing its content, and interestingly from the list, there are two smartphones originating from Nokia that have not been announced nor released. The Nokia Lumia 900 and the Nokia Champagne are both listed as devices that have […]

Nokia Announces Software Update for Lumia 800, U.S. Looks On With Envy


While the current flagship Nokia Lumia 800 (review) is still not yet available in the U.S. market, the phone is already getting its first helping of a fix thanks to a new software update from Nokia. The Lumia 800 is the debut Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia, which had historically built its smartphone empire […]

The 5 Best U.S. Windows Phone 7 Smartphones [December, 2011]


Adam took a look at the Android phones, now it’s my turn to give you my opinion on what the best Windows Phone 7 Smartphones are right now. My task is much easier since there are far fewer choices running Windows Phone 7. Verizon and Sprint are missing out on newer models with Mango already […]

T-Mobile Radar 4G, HD7 to Get Update for Tethering, Other Features


T-Mobile USA is preparing an update for its HTC Radar 4G Windows Phone 7 device that would bring a number of new features to the smartphone, including the much requested Internet sharing capability known as tethering. Though tethering was baked into Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft had left the inclusion of such feature up to […]

Windows Phone 7 Apps. What are we missing?


The only thing, in my opinion, that is holding Windows Phone 7 back now is apps. Yes, the Window Phone Marketplace has grown faster than Android and Apple’s app stores but I am impatient. Windows Phone 7 has been out for a little over a year now and they are up to 40,000 apps. There […]

Moving from Android to Windows Phone 7 Part 6: The Verdict


This experiment has come to a close. I will continue to use the HTC Titan, running Windows Phone 7.5, but it will not be my daily driver. This might come as a shock to anyone that knows me already, but I am not ready to return to the Windows Phone (WinMo) camp permanently yet. I did say […]

Lenovo LePhone S2 Windows Phone Edition Coming 2012


After having announced an Android-powered LePhone S2, Lenovo will also be adding a Windows Phone to its growing smartphone lineup. The Windows Phone device will be coming in the second half of 2012, giving it a late arrival date, but would utilize the same form factor and hardware design that the Android LePhone S2 employs. […]