Phone Calls Not An Important Feature for Smartphone Owners

While smartphones, with its many features, have become versatile computers in our mobile toolkit in recent years, the importance of placing calls on smartphones have seemingly declined as users are now using their phones more for other activities. Phone usage on a smartphone is now trailing usage for browsing the Internet, checking and updating social media, listening to music, and playing games. The time spent for phone calls still lead other activities, such as emailing, texting, watching videos, reading books, and taking pictures with the camera.


The report was published by UK wireless carrier O2 and was published on The Telegraph. According to the carrier, users spend an average of two hours a day on their smartphones. Of that time, almost 25 minutes is dedicated to web browsing, under 17.5 minutes used for social media, and under 16 minutes for music. Phone calls account for just over 12 minutes of usage while emails clocked in with 11 minutes.

While smartphones, with their increasing resolutions, better optics, and a suite of apps that make photo capture fun, have inspired people to take more photos and share them, camera usage is at 3:28 minutes. This is not surprising considering that it only takes a few seconds at a time to capture images despite photography’s increasing popularity on a mobile phone.

The survey finds that over half of users have replaced their alarm clocks and nearly half of respondents have replaced their watches with a smartphone.


In the U.S., using a phone to make calls is an even bigger declining trend. The average length of a phone call is around 90 seconds in the U.S.