How to Update Twitter and FaceBook Via Text

How to update Facebook via Text

If you have a smartphone, there is normally an app or mobile website to let you easily update your social network status, but if you can’t get connected to the Internet you may want to be able to send a status update via text. This is handy for many situations, including after an emergency like […]

Publish Sync Posts to Google+ Facebook and Twitter From One Place

Publish Sync Chrome Browser Extension

If you are a Google+ user who wants to put your posts there and on Twitter and/or Facebook, the tool for you is Publish Sync: a Chrome-only extension. There are not many options for cross-posting your updates to Google+ as well as the other social networking services. This one seems to do the job. You will only […]

Windows Phone Mango Twitter Integration Gets Demoed (Video)

Windows Phone Mango with Twitter

We know that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is done, Microsoft has sent it off to manufacturers, so now all we’re left to do is sit around and wait for it arrive OTA to old hardware and on shelves within new hardware. Unfortunately, an exact date is unknown which means that all we can do is […]

TweetCaster Pro Updates Facebook and Twitter on iPhone and iPad


My favorite Twitter app is TweetCaster Pro on the Android platform. I’ve been an iOS user for a couple of years and only recently switched my phone, and found this gem in the Amazon App Store. I’m not sure why I never thought to look for it in the Apple App Store, but today I did […]

iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

iHome iDM12

I reviewed the iHome iDM12 Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker earlier this spring. The iDM12 provides good truly wireless sound for hours thanks to a battery recharged through your USB port. It connects to your Bluetooth enabled audio device like a smartphone or computer filling a small room with sound. The charging cable also includes an auxiliary stereo jack […]

Infographic: Hulu Plus v. Netflix on Twitter – Fight

hulu Plus v. Netflix Infographic

Mashwork kept on eye on Twitter and found some interesting conversations going on about the Hulu Plus v. Netflix debate and put it all in an easy to understand infographic, ready for our viewing. They were inspired by all the recent news about Hulu being up for sale and rumors that Netflix might buy the […]

iOS App of the Day: Flipboard (iPad)


The developers of Flipboard seem to understand the formula behind Apple’s successful approach to design: keep it clean, keep it simple, only include what is necessary. It’s apparent from the latest iPhone to the company’s website and product packaging. It’s no wonder then that Flipboard fits in so well on the iPad. It embodies those […]

iOS 5 Twitter Integration Detailed

iOS 5

Today at WWDC, Apple has introduced the latest version of its mobile software, iOS 5. One of the main features, and one that had been rumored leading up to the announcement at the conference, is the software’s integration with Twitter with features that include single sign-on, integration into apps, contacts and Safari and a lot […]

Top Ten iOS 5 Features

better notifications iOS 5

Apple is announcing over 200 new features for iOS 5, which will come to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch soon. Of these 200 new features Apple is highlighting the top ten features for iOS 5 at WWDC 2011. iOS 5 will arrive this fall, for the iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, and […]

Is This iOS 5’s Deep Twitter Integration?


Deep Twitter integration has been rumored in the last few weeks leading up to WWDC, an event later today where Apple is slated to reveal new features of iOS 5 to developers in San Francisco, California. However, ahead of the 10 AM Pacific Time announcement, a new image surfaced on TechCrunch revealing Twitter alerts–mentions and […]

iOS 5 Said to Be Coming with Deep Twitter Integration

iOS 5

It’s not every day that someone like Robert Scoble makes a claim about  unreleased Apple software so when he opens his mouth about it, it’s news worthy. Now, Scoble isn’t saying much, but what he is saying is this. iOS 5 is going to be coming with Twitter integration deeper than just photo sharing and […]

How to Turn Off Twitter Emails for Replies, Retweets and Favorites

Retweet email notification twitter

Twitter just turned on a new feature that will email you every time someone retweets or favorites a tweet of yours on the service. If you don’t want to get an email every time someone interacts with you on Twitter we are going to show you how to turn off Twitter reply, retweet and favorite […]

Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps to Use Instead of Watching Commercials


Ad Age is reporting that the most popular activity TV watchers do during commercials is not skipping past them with their DVR, but playing with their smart phone. According to a study by IPG Media and YuMe 93% of TV watchers and 73% of online video watchers use what the report calls “distraction media” during […]

Twitter Rolls Out Web App for iPhone, Android

Twitter Web App

Today, Twitter announced that it has started rolling out a new web app for mobile devices – both Android and iPhone – that can be found when going to in your favorite mobile browser. Twitter believes that the web app will provide a consistent experience for mobile Twitter users especially for those that don’t […]

Droid Charge Release Date Gets Closer: Anomalies Spotted & New Video

Samsung Droid Charge

The Samsung Droid Charge is a hot new 4G LTE Android smartphone, one of the best Android smartphones according to us, that is on the way from Verizon, but unfortunately the phone has been delayed due to the recent 4G outage. While the most recent Droid Charge commercial told us the phone was coming soon and Amazon is […]

How You Can Keep Up with News Using Mobile Technology


I have to be honest, despite a background in political science–which was the basis of my undergraduate studies–I am horrible at keeping up to date with breaking non-tech news; as a technology blogger, I already have a hard enough time as it is writing about and staying in the loop with gadget releases so even […]