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Populated Cities Towns Villages

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Populated Cities Towns Villages

If you think Skyrim's towns and villages need a little more hustle and bustle, take a look at Populated Cities Towns Villages Legendary Edition.

Populated Cities Towns Villages delivers nearly 200 more generic NPC characters to the game's cities, towns and villages. Here's how it breaks down:

Darkwater Crossing NPCs (3 new NPCs)

Dawnstar (12 new NPCs)

Dragon Bridge (5 new NPCs)

Falkreath (7 new NPCs)

Ivarstead (5 new NPCs)

Kynesgrove (4 new NPCs)

Morthal (9 new NPCs)

Riverwood (5 new NPCs)

Rorikstead (5 new NPCs)

Whiterun (28 new NPCs)

Windhelm (19 new NPCs)

Winterhold (Town) (8 new NPCs)

Solitude (37 new NPCs)

Riften (30 new NPCs)

Markarth (20 new NPCs) 

These NPCs won't just sit in one place either. They'll walk around, visit temples and inns, work, and party in the local tavern. 

This mod breathes new life into all of these locations and it's worth picking up today if you own the game for Xbox One. 

26 / 151